My First Day of Being President

I put on my suit and black pumps. Today is a big day. My first day of being President of my club! Finally, all my work of being a kickass Vice President has been noticed and I got the position I deserve 😉

I had a meeting with my board earlier this week to discuss logistics of what I will be covering at the important funding hearing today.I was in quite the mood that day. A VERY TERRIBLE MOOD. I got a few rejections(more about this later) and had a horrible day at volunteering.

“Hey, Shahz. Make sure you don’t go get drunk the night before the hearing like you did before our last meeting okay?” Kameron says laughing.

What the…Oh.

“I wasn’t drunk. I hooked up with a guy who didn’t want to be more than friends with me on his couch” I say tossing my hair and walking away. Not. in. the. mood.

Mr. Photography dude pulls me over. “Are you okay?”

“Yea. Just in the most crappiest mood today” I say.

“Go home, we’ll take it from here” he says.

So I do. I’m not sure what happened the next day, but on Thursday, I woke up in a very fantastic mood. It must have been all the sleep I was able to catch up on. And the fact I finished 1/4 of my finals. This carried me on over to today- Friday. My first official day of being President! My club was invited to apply for funding through the largest Funding Organization on campus. This is the first time in three years they have agreed to listen to our case and offer us a chance to get extra funding from them!

I walk in. All eyes are on me.

“Hello everyone!” I kiss everyone on both cheeks. Every one gives me and Sherry (my treasurer who will be presenting with me) tips.

Kameron pulls me aside. “Hey Shahz. I’m sorry about what I said the other night. I didn’t know you were having guy problems. Honest” he says seriously.

I smile. “Don’t worry sweetie. I liked it” I say winking.

Mr. Photography dude who always seems to be eavesdropping does a double take. He pullsFullSizeRender(23) me aside. “You liked what?”

“Being with player that one night. I thought it was…nice. Yea so what?” I say flipping through the notes prepared for me.

“You said you thought it was a mistake!” he says.

I put my hand on his shoulder. “It was a mistake because he wishes it didn’t happen.”

“And also because you know you will have to let him go….” he says.

my-heart-wont-admit-what-my-mind-already-knows-quote-1I sigh and smile. “Don’t you get it? I’m not afraid of letting go. I’m afraid of accepting the fact that….he already has. And so has ‘Heart’. Oh that one let go. A long. Fucking. Time. Ago.” I say closing my folder and frowning. Then smiling my biggest smile.

His eyes widen. He pulls Kameron over. “I don’t know what she had in her breakfast this morning. But I want some of it. She has been so bubbly since last night!”

I laugh. When Kameron leaves, I update him. “I got rejected to Harvard on Wednesday. Red Cross too” I say.

He smirks. I smack him. “What? Don’t you think I was smart enough to get in!?” I ask.

“Of course. But don’t be sad about it” he says.

I button my suit. “I’m not. I mean I was. But then I realized, this rejection may guide me to IMG_1657something that may be a better fit for me. I feel like I may get some big news today” I say smiling big.

He gives me a one arm hug “I like your positive attitude”.

Sherry comes over to us. “You guys, I can’t believe we’re presenting at this hearing. What would we do without Shahz? This is our first time in three years we were invited to apply for funding and only because this one is our President! Everyone just loves her enthusiasm and passion” she says pulling me close.

I smile to myself.

“Will the President and Treasure of the Arabic Club please come in?” I look at my board. It’s show time.

(don’t miss the next part: All Might Be Fair in Love & Politics (My First Day of Being President Part 2)

xoxo. S.

4 thoughts on “My First Day of Being President

  1. “Don’t you get it? I’m not afraid of letting go. I’m afraid of accepting the fact that….he already has. That was so profound. I think all women have been there. Whew! This was good. I need to write a post about that.

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