All Might Be Fair in Love & Politics (My First Day of Being President Part 2)

As soon as I walk in, one of the board members eyes me closely. Where oh where do I know this dude from :0 I can’t figure it out as I present, so I shake it off. The hearing goes extremely well. I do my President duties very well. I’m in an even bubblier mood afterwords! Sherry is sending endless snap-chats from my phone about our day, when I notice I have a message from player. Oh. It’s a response to me saying “I want to be in bed” as I had the hearing at 10 and just wanted to sleep.

Player is in solidarity with me. He says “Me too <3”.

So I being very bubbly begin typing out- “Climb into mine <3” when Mr. Photography dude comes to me.

“NO” he says.

My jaw drops. “No what? Stop creeping up on me like that!!!” I say laughing.

I erase it and send him a cute emoji instead. He did say he doesn’t want what happened last time to happen again anyways. So. That was that.

I go back to the rest of our meetings for the day. Each one goes very well.During one of tumblr_mvdoqldEgR1qhc28no4_r1_250them- I get the big news I had a gut feeling about! The teaching organization offered me a final interview!!! I don’t even have to go through the preliminary rounds! I knew it. For every rejection, there is a big acceptance ❤

Later, I attend tutoring for Microbio, and that goes okay too. Now I only have to worry about that. But I’m impressed that I still have not cried once this long finals week!

When I’m ready to begin my 10 page paper for another class, I get a text from one of the board members on the Funding Board. Oh. Of course. Now I remember the dude that was eyeing me closely. Evan! My co-worker from one of the oh so fun jobs I worked during college. “Hey! It was nice seeing you at the hearing today! It is so awesome seeing you run this big organization! I actually want to reunite with you soon- maybe after finals. For now, I do have a quick question though. I have a student interested in partnering with your organization, can I forward her your info?” I get very excited! And so I agree.

When all of a sudden. He does the introducing for both of us. And puts us in a thread :0 “Vanessa, meet the President of the Arabic Club. Shahz, Vanessa is interested in creating a club to unite the Israeli and Palestinian population on campus” his message says.

My jaw drops. WHOA WHOA WHOA.This is way beyond my club’s capacity! We never bring this topic up because we are a strictly language/cultural organization.

I make calls frantically to Harris and Sherry. But they but don’t answer. So I call “Mr. Photography” dude.

“Holy shit. What will you do?” he asks.

I shrug. “No clue. Our club is strictly a fun cultural organization. And we have an extremely large Palestinian student population in our club”.

He sighs. “You know who you should really be speaking to about this right?” he asks.

I swallow. Yes. The President of the Palestinian student organization on campus. The guy that broke my heart. “I don’t wanna talk to ‘Heart'” I say.

He sighs. “Look. Don’t let this ruin your bubbly mood. How about this. Just. Wait it out. Maybe after finals, talk to Sherry and Harris first. Then if they also think it’s beyond our capacity to handle it- go talk to ‘Heart'” he says.

“Why can’t Harris talk to him?” I ask.1656389_743925522409953_966928682438736644_n

“Because you’re the President now. And ‘Heart’ is the President of his club. This concerns both of you. So you guys gotta figure it out together. Be nice. Try not to create a political scandal now” he says.

I fall onto my bed. “Damn, this is a tough position” I say.

He laughs. “Did anyone ever say it would be easy?”

I sigh.

“But if anyone can do it, it’s obviously you!” he says.

I exhale. Again. All may or may not be fair in love and politics :0 I have no idea how I’m going to handle these 4 finals I have coming my way, the love issues I will need to fix before leaving for Spring Break (or do I even have to??), and the politics. Yikes. My first day of being President.

xoxo. S.

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