A Nice Leap Week

“Fernando looks like ‘Heart’ from the side” Mr. Photography dude says as we all watch Fuller House. I laugh. Did you guys get a chance to see it?? More about this later in the post.

I’m not sure why I disappeared off the face of my own blog for a week- but hello! I am here. It is finals week over here at For the Love of Sass. I only had one crying moment these past few days and it only lasted a minute so I’m proud 😉 The big ones haven’t happened yet! This is probably due to the fact that last week, was a very…good week. And a lot of bad things happened so I am also proud of myself for calling it a good week!

Exactly, one week ago, on leap day- I was in a rush to get to class, get my Presidential duties done, and submit my last minute grad school apps. On top of this, one of my favorite students was coming back to visit from his study abroad trip! I so badly wanted to see him, but I obviously had Microbio during that time and had to figure out a way to break it to him that I won’t be able to see him. But behold. I woke up in the morning to an e-mail from my professor saying the pipes burst in the science building and class was cancelled!!!! So I went to see my student and we had a great time catching up over deep dish pizza 🙂 I call the pipes bursting a gift to all science majors. All my classmates were telling me how they used their two free hours. It was a wonderful leap day 🙂

The next day, I had the performance with my club and Heart’s club. Now this was a badblack-and-white-forget-me-pierce-the-veil-quote-text-you-color-of-your-eyes-Favim.com-797130 part of the week. During the entire time, we say absolutely nothing and one girl follows him around EVERYWHERE. I think I told him a joke and he laughed. He looks at me a little too long. And I do the same :0 His hazel eyes gets me every time. That was the only interaction between us. Thankfully, I had night class (for once I’m thankful I had night class) and only had to stay 30 minutes. I just couldn’t believe it. How could this person, who I thought I couldn’t live without- turn into some random person? It’s like the person I used to know, is now someone I knew. During class- I briefly, and surprisingly chat with player. “You look nice” one snap says. Oh. I’m flattered…

And then on Wednesday…Wednesday there was a fair for graduating Seniors. On Wednesday, it became absolutely clear that I don’t have much time left at college 😦 I ordered my cap and gown and got pictures taken. The fact that I’m graduating in 3 months has never became so obvious. Until now. I’m sad and happy at the same time.

As I watch Fuller House with my buds later in the week, Snapchat informs me that player is at the White House and “Heart” is cooking with some other girl :0

I pause the show when I receive a snap from player in Washington and as “Heart” sends me his stupid video at the same time.

“Wait what? Player’s at the White House? Why aren’t you at the White House Miss President?” Mr. Photography dude asks me.

I shake it off. “Look. Good for player. I’m hella proud of him. But what the f is this????” I say replaying “Heart’s” Snaphchat endlessly.

“You’re ten times hotter” he says.

I laugh. “It’s what you wanted me to say, isn’t it?” he asks smiling.

“It’s not a lie…” I say.

He laughs. “You know ‘Heart’ will get a notification that you replayed that right?” Sidekick asks.

“Yea and? Let him know! This is gross. I don’t go and cook food with him, so he finds someone else to do it with??” I say.

Mr. Photography dude looks closer at the snap. “Isn’t that *Jamsine? The event planner of their club? They’re probably cooking stuff for their rally or whatever they have today”.

I replay the snap for the 4th time and show it to Mr. Photography dude. “Who cooks chicken picatta for a Middle Eastern event?” I ask.

Oh “Heart”. Where did we go wrong.

The next morning I wake up bright and early with a text from Harris.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

I rub my eyes.

“Just woke up. Why?” I ask him.

“I missed your beautiful eyes and wanted to see you” he says.

I nearly drop my phone. I tell Harris I’m busy. Christ. What kind of political scandal is he trying to create!

It may have been a good idea to not go anywhere because later, I feel extremely fatigued and tired. I fall asleep and I only wake up when I hear this loud knocking on the door from an engineer who wants to come and look at something in my apartment. As I get up, my entire body is hurting and it is ridiculously hard to get up. That’s when I remember. My thyroid :0

“I don’t get it. Some other girl was flirting with ‘Heart’ this week at you guys’s event. He was cooking with some other girl. You rejected Harris’s offer for another date. You got very sick….how was this a lucky week???” Mr. Photography dude asks.

FullSizeRender(22)“My class got cancelled. Player talked to me once. I got to try on a graduation cap and gown…and I finally have reasons not to like this poison called ‘Heart!” I say. “And Fuller House being on Netflix,oh my god” I add happily.

He laughs. Did you used to watch Full House when you were little??? When I first moved to Chicago, I was extremely depressed for a year. I couldn’t go to school for the first few weeks because of some registration issue. During this time and early Saturday and Sunday mornings- the only thing that was on was Full House. And I adored it.

So imagine my happiness when they created the spin-off Fuller house! It’s like nothing has changed!

Especially these few phrases I missed hearing so much:

“Oh. My. Lanta.”

“Have mercy….”

“How rude!”

“You got it dude.”

Also, how amazing does the cast still look? Candace Cameron’s amazing glow tells me I will still look gorgeous in my 30’s! And let’s talk about the love interests.

DJ’s love interest Matt- Reminds me of me and Player.

Kimmy’s relationship with Fernando- Reminds me of me and “Heart”.

It’s hilarious. There is so much sexual humor and serious moments. I legit have to hold in my laughter at a lot of moments, and then I have to hold back my tears in a few.

Anyways, there was something mysterious about leap week…How did you spend your extra day??

xoxo. S.


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