The Aftermath of My Mistake(s) (part 2)

Thursday afternoon: “Who wouldn’t want to be more than friends with her? I would tap that a-”

I walk in to the building where my event will be taking place. One of my club’s member, Michael, who has 10x more ADHD than I do is talking to Mr. Photography dude.

“Michael. Fancy seeing you here….” I say pretending I heard nothing.


I laugh. He gives me a hug. “What’s up sister? We were just talking about you” he says.

I look at Mr. Photography dude and Michael. “Uh huh what were you saying?” I ask.

“Oh I was just saying that you shouldn’t worry about this guy that doesn’t want to be more than friends with you because you are really-”

“Okayyyy Michael! Hey, I need your help with something!” Mr. Photography dude says to him going over 100 logistics at once. Michael leaves and I give Mr. Photography dude the death stare.

“What?? I did it to protect you!” he says signing people in. The room is getting packed.

FullSizeRender(18)I put down my purse and begin doing the same. “From what?” I ask.

“He was saying that you are getting with the President and so I told him that you’re not interested in him because you are still hung up on this guy that doesn’t want to be more than friends with you” he says.

I raise my eyebrows. “Oh” I say.

“Soooooo. How did it go last night?!?” he asks.


Wednesday night: On Wednesday I had a board meeting with my executive board to go over everything that was going to happen Thursday. Harris makes fun of me throughout the entire thing.

“Why do you hate me?” I ask him.

“I don’t hate you…You know when you love someone so much that you kind of hate them? Yea, that’s how I feel about you” he says. Oh my.

It was a very cold and snowy day in Chicago. Once the meeting wraps up and we all begin walking home, I hug Harris goodbye.

“Wait” he whispers in my ear. He hugs everyone else and gives me one look- “Yalla” (let’s go).

I raise my eyebrows. “Where are we going…?” I ask.

“Out. Remember?” he asks.

Oh. Yes.

Harris and I go to one of my favorite pizza places and we get a very delicious pizza and 2 beers. It’s fun, but we barely say anything. It is so obvious, that we are way too similar to each other. We both keep so much to ourselves. When the check comes, it is around $40… I start getting money to split it, but Harris quickly gives his credit card and closes it. Oh dear.

We walk our separate ways, and I can’t help feeling sad. Wasn’t I just talking to his best friend (a.k.a my ex) the day before? Wasn’t I with someone else a few days before? I sigh.

My “date” was meh.

Back to Thursday: Mr. Photography dude is in awe. “He loves you” he says.

“No he doesn’t! He’s probably just trying to make a peace offering because I’m taking over his role as President next quarter!” I say.

“Bullshit, hey. Come here” he says pulling Sidekick (who just walked in) a side.

We exchange greetings. “If you were out with a girl that wasn’t your girlfriend. And the check turned out to be $40, would you pay for it?” Mr. Photography dude asks him.

My jaw drops. “Well yea. If I wanted her-” Sidekick begins.

“Uh. Heart” he says. They both begin laughing uncontrollably.

“Haram!” I tell them both scolding them. “It bothers me that we didn’t say a word to eachFullSizeRender(20) other at the restaurant….”

“Are you kidding? You guys sat quietly together? Damn, Harris figured out the way to your heart quickly. You love silence” Sidekick says. This is true.

“Look. I like Harris. Forget the political scandal aspect of it. He will treat you like the princess you are! He’ll buy you nice things and keep saying all those cute things he says to you!” Mr. Photography dude says.

I shake my head. “What the fuck. No! You can’t just buy me love!” I say as I angrily go back to prepping the room.

“Hey, are you okay?” someone asks as I turn around.

It’s Harris. Shit. He looks very good. All presidential in his suit. I look good next to him.

“Uh yea. Hey” I say.

“Hey” he says hugging me.

We stand. “Um. I’m just gonna go back to checking in our guests and  practicing my speech” I say.

“Yea. Let me know if you need anything” he says. We separate.

I get a call from Mr. Photography dude who’s standing across the room.

“What?” I ask.

“Code 2” he says. “What the fuck is code 2?” I ask.

“Look diagonally opposite to where you are standing” he says.

I do. HOLY SHIT. “Heart” has entered the room!!! Looking better than me and Harris combined. Why is he here? 😦 Now I have more anxiety and am afraid of making my speech in front of him.

I just go back to doing my work. I have no time for him anyway. When I am settling a dispute with my board, he comes to me and tickles my hips. “Hey” he says walking by.

****”Wait what did he do to your hips?” Mr. Photography dude asks while proofreading my post.

I make a squeezing motion with my hands, “He went like this!” I say.

“Okay. He wants you too” Mr. Photography dude says laughing.

Back to Thursday. When it’s finally speech time, I pretend like “Heart’s” not there. But it doesn’t help because my ADHD kicks in and makes me think of “Prince Player” for some reason. I mess up once. I shake the thoughts out of my head and just do my best.

Once the event is over, lots of people come up to me and ask if I am “one of the organizers of the event.” I say “Yes…” thinking I’m in trouble, but they actually say “Thank you! Thank you so much! This was such a great event. Do you guys have more event this quarter?”

I was beaming. And then “Heart” starts jumping on tables and playing his fancy drums getting everyone to dance :0 He is so crazy he grabs a belly dance skirt and dances for us :0

We all start laughing and when I cross paths with him later I pull him aside. “Hey. Cute performance you gave out there!” I say.

“Wallah, she’s making fun of me!” he yells to Harris thinking I’m talking about him playing drums and Harris singing.

“No!!! I’m talking about your belly dance. I loved your outfit!” I say winking.

“Thanks. I learned it from you” he says quickly walking away.

My jaw drops and I bust out laughing. “Heart”: 1, Me: 0.

When it’s time clean up and take things to the storage room, he offer to help me and we go up together. We literally say nothing. I start laughing awkwardly. “Why are you laughing?” he demands. “Nothing…” I say smiling. God this is so weird. Does he seriously not want to take this one moment we have to talk about what is going on in our relationship :0

When we come back in, Harris continues to tease me and I give him sassy remarks. “She’s so cute!” one of his brothers remarks.

I see “Heart” laughing that nervous laugh he does when he gets jealous. Me: 1, Heart: 1.

When Harris says another teasing comment, and ‘Heart’ sees me getting angry, he says “Whatchu getting mad for? Just go punch him already. I’ll buy you a beer!” he says.

“Make it two” I say winking. He agrees.

“Wait, come here. I’ll tell you what I’ll really give you” he says winking.

Holy. shit. In front of everybody! “Heart”: 2, Me: 1.

“No that’s okay. I already know” I say winking. “Heart”: 2, Me: 2

When it’s really time to close the event. We start saying our goodbyes. “Bye” he says coming up to me. “Good job. You guys did great” he says. Aw ❤

The after social is taking place at a hookah lounge. Harris goes. “Heart” goes. My whole board goes. But I just go home. Mr. Photography dude and Sidekick walk me home.

“Why do you look so sad?” Sidekick asks.

“I miss player” I say.

Mr. Photography dude rolls his eyes. “Here she goes again”.

I get a nice sleep on Thursday. When I wake up, I have a text from someone. My eyebrows raise, “Heart”.

(to be continued)

xoxo. S.


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