This Valentines’s Day (the conclusion)

Sunday morning: “Let’s talk next weekend” he says.

“No, we have to talk today. I’m going to Texas on Wednesday and won’t be back until Sunday! So you’ll just have to come see me today and we’ll have to celebrate Valentine’s day together!” I say.

My alarm to attend tutoring for my Microbio exam is going off. Of course. It was only a dream….And Valentine’s day has officially begun! I shower and put on the outfit Mr. Photography dude asked me to wear.  He is hosting a Valentine’s day brunch at his place so I head on over after I’m done with my tutoring. Before I head to the brunch, I drop by the bakery near my apartment and pick up cupcakes for my roommates and a few to take to the brunch. I attach Valentine’s for my roommates cupcakes and leave them on the kitchen counter. Just as I’m leaving, one of my roommates comes in and says she actually has a Valentine for me as well! I opened the cute pink gift bag and it was full of chocolate, a Victoria’s Secret makeup bag, and make up! I couldn’t believe it. I never get anything back when I get people presents…but this time I did 🙂 This morning, I also found the lovely Valentine’s day lip gloss set my other roommate got for me! My mom always said, “you get what you give”. She was so right.

The brunch with Mr. Photography dude and our friends was really fun. I don’t think about IMG_1309“Prince Player” or “Heart” once and I am oh so proud of myself.

When Mr. Photography dude mixes up a mimosa for me, I notice a girl sitting by herself.

“Is she okay?” I ask.

“Yea….her dad passed away around this time last year and her boyfriend just broke up with her last week” he says.

My heart aches for her! She doesn’t have the two loves of her life on Valentine’s day 😦

“You wanna go talk to her don’t you? Go talk to her” he says.

I nod. I always have this tendency to help everyone.

“Marhaban” I say when I reach her.

“Oh marhaban! I’ve heard so much about you!” she says getting up and kissing me on the cheek.

Oh…? “I emailed your club last week about being new to the city and wanting to meet people and get involved. You were the only one that responded….” she says.

Ah 🙂 “I also saw a lot of your photos in his portfolio” she says pointing to Mr. Photography dude. “You look more beautiful in person!” she says. I laugh.

“I’m actually interested in performing at your club’s poetry night next week!” she says.

“Oh. Wonderful! What’s your piece about?” I ask.

“Well it’s about two things. This first part is about my dad who passed away last year on February 12th-” she begins.

“I’m so sorry” I say.

“Thank you. And the second part is about my boyfriend that dumped me last week” she says.

I smile. I tell her I’m sorry about that as well.

“So sad. Such a nice,loving, caring Arab-Palestinian boy my mom liked….” she says.

I squeeze her hand. “Trust me. I know” I say laughing. ***cough cough ‘Heart’.

We exchange stories about our Palestinian lovers. I tell her how I never loved anyone the way I loved ‘Heart’, and had to get over him.

“How were you able to get over him if you loved him that much?” she asks sadly.

I shook my head. Hmmm because I liked player? No that’s not it…I think to myself. It’s a very good question. And then I remember.

“Well it wasn’t easy. I cried every day for a month after each of our breakups. But then one day, I just realized, that if you like or love something so much- you just have to let it go. Because that’s what they want. And when you like or love someone, you give them what they want” I say.

“Wow…you should be the one performing at the Poetry event next week!” she says.

I laugh and wish her well as I start getting ready to go back home and study for Microbio.

“Um. Did I hear my eavesdrop carefully? If you like something so much…you have to let it go?” Mr. Photography dude asks pulling me aside.

“Yea” I say shrugging.

“Remind you of someone?” he asks.

“Well duh. Heart” I say.

“Someone else…..?” he asks raising his eyebrows.

I gasp. I dab my freshly coated red fingernail to his chest. “No. No. No. Player is different!” I say.

He looks at me and laughs. “Khalas (enough). I am letting go don’t worry” I say.

“Whatever you say. Happy Valentine’s day. Enjoy it just this once” he says as we say our goodbye’s.

I tell him I will and I definitely do. I give my friends their Valentine’s throughout the day and they give me some as well ❤ I have so much chocolate, I will need help eating it :0 I hear my mom also sent me a Valentine’s Day care package…more about that when it gets here 😉

I can’t believe it. This has been the best Valentine’s day yet, and there wasn’t even a Prince Charming 😉 So how was your Valentine’s day reader? I hope it was wonderful.

xoxo. S.


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