Wednesday 12am-Today, I had a four hour midterm earlier in the day. For some odd reason, as my phone was away from me for four hours- I had a strange feeling “Heart” texted me or I was going to see “Heart” later in the day. When I was finally done with the exam, I didn’t have any texts from him. But I had a strong intuition I would see him later in the day.

Sure enough, after I walked through the rain to host one of my club’s events at the library, he was there. After almost a month of not seeing him.

I try not to care. He looks. So. Damn. Handsome.

The only empty table is near him so I have to go sit there. “Hi. How’s everything going?” he says.

“Good” I say smiling and taking off my jacket.

“We’re working on Bio” he says motioning to the girl sitting next to him. “Shahz is studying Bio” he says to her. I smile. We get in a debate about how he is taking some easy class with the word Bio in it and I study actual Bio. It’s cute. Kind of. But he goes back to studying with the girl.

If it wasn’t for the “Prince Player” thing, I would give two shits. But because of the “Prince Player” thing, I only give one shit. Because I don’t have any feelings for “Heart”, but damn. His smile. His hazel eyes. His voice. I was reminded of it.

***”That’s cute. You only give one shit about ‘Heart'” Mr. Photography dude says laughing when I read him the post.

I roll my eyes. “I’m telling you. That’s exactly the way I felt” I say sadly.

12548970_751494471653058_1617881567299081415_nI see him get up to leave just within 5 minutes of my presence. Oh my god is he leaving because of me 😦 He says bye to her and I wonder if he will say bye to me. I stare at my laptop screen and focus on my grad school app.

He comes up behind me and touches my shoulder, he gives me his oh so melting smile and says, “I’ll see ya later. Take care Shahz”

I smile my sweetest smile, “Bye”. It was all I could say. How could he be so perfect. How could I have ever lost all the feelings I had for this person. I feel weird. There must be something in the rain.

But I close my eyes and remember why. It’s been exactly one month since I last saw “Prince Player”. I want to talk to him, but I don’t know what I would say. I want to hear what he has to say, but I’m not sure I want to know. And that makes me wonder too.  I play the song he asked me to listen to and rest my head on the table on this extremely, rain filled day.

You were mine just yesterday
Now I have no idea who you are

xoxo. S.



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