No More Same Old…? (A much better few days part 2)

“Oh my god!” Mr. Photography dude says looking at me.

“What?” I ask as I stop putting on mascara.

“A hickey! Who gave that to you? Oh my god did you ask ‘Prince Player’ to walk you home after your meeting and you two-”

My jaw drops. “What the hell? No way!” Jeez doesn’t he understand I won’t be asking “Prince Player” to walk me home ever again?

I look at my neck. What was he talking about. I see it. Oh. Well then. Thanks “Heart”. So much for being just friends.

Friday- After seeing “Heart”, I felt a lot better. Of course he doesn’t want anything serious either, but I guess that’s good for now.

I walked with a smile on my face. I even bumped into one of “Prince Player’s” girlfriend’s who works in my building. At first, I walked away when she looked at me. But then I remembered what “Heart” had told me about it being a new year. Plus, this one is a very sweet girl, and she has never done me wrong. So I walked on back. I say hi to her and tell her that I just love the place. She’s  beams and asks me what unit I have, how my year is going and more. We chat for a while and as I walk back to my room, I’m happy I did.

A few hours later, I had a party for my girlfriends so we could practice our moves for the next day 🙂 I had a great time with them. We danced, drank wine, and talked about all the guy drama in our lives. In between my practicing, I got a snapchat from “Prince Player”. I wonder what it could be…

“Wine after watching Grey’s Anatomy” it says.

I laugh to myself. Two of my favorite things. I shake my head. If only things didn’t go the way it did last week, we could be doing that together. I think about ignoring it as I promised myself I would never talk to him again, but I don’t like when people ignore my snaps- so I decide to give him a brief response. I go back to dancing with the girls and look at my phone a while later. Surprisingly, he has responded.

“I’m sorry I’m an asshole”.

Ah, so he already knows. Lovely. “I know” I respond.

Probably not the response he was expecting, but oh well. Around 3am, my friends leave and I go to bed.

Saturday- My alarm goes off at 8am, reminding me of the 9 hour meeting I have. After getting to the meeting, I mingle with my friends and participate in the activities. When one of my friend’s says a rather funny joke, I toss my hair and laugh. And then I see his face.

“Prince Player”. I stop laughing.

Holy. Shit.

I shrug. Whatever. I’m too tired and hungover for his crap anyway. (Keep in mind this was my belated birthday celebration weekend, I rarely drink that much!)

1656014_660460827423090_6017597465694394871_nI ignore him for as long as I can. A few hours later, we are finally face to face. He says hi and mumbles something about hair. I don’t hear or understand a word he’s saying. I walk away. I can’t do it. I just can’t.

He looks back, but by then, my mentee wants to speak to me and so I go to her. Thank God. But later, we are reunited. He isn’t looking at me, but I feel him thinking about me.

“Stop” I say.

“What? I’m just doing my work!” he says.

“What did you say about my hair earlier?” I ask.

“Oh I said (insert our mutual friend’s name) told me she likes my hair and that I look like “Prince Charming” so I thought of you because you know” he says excitedly.

I stare at him. Wow, how amusing. “Were you not paying attention when I said that?” he asks.

“No I was too focused on you being an asshole” I say. Oops :0

He looks shocked, “Wow” he says.

“Because you know, I’m just a pathetic Princess” I say shrugging.

“Oh my god” he says putting his hands on his face.

That’s right player. Two can play this game.

He goes back to my work, and I do the same. Later, one of my friends help me with my project- and “Prince Player” looks at him.

“You wanna know what she called me earlier? She called me an asshole!”

Oh. So now he wants to air our dirty laundry. “Well, he called me a Princess” I say.

“That’s a compliment!” Prince Player says laughing.

Oh, so now he wants to twist the story. Our friend looks at me like I’m crazy. Shit. I should clarify. “Not in the good way” I say.

He shakes his head “I’m just gonna stay out of this. I’m right here in Switzerland!”

I laugh and so does “Prince Player”, for once we agree on something- nobody should get in this.

A few minutes later, “Prince Player” takes it too far. “What is she going to do without meanigif_enhanced-buzz-29844-1373519861-13.gif when she goes to grad school?”

I feel myself about to cry. Is he for real. I suck in my cheeks and breathe. He will NOT get that privilege from me this time.

“I’ll be just fine without you” I say.

That’s right. Game on player. Game. On.

Later, “Prince Player” continues his comments, reacting to everything I say and not telling me anything directly. But still, I was already done as soon as he asked the question of what I’ll do without him.

img_1003Still part of me wished we could  talk after the meeting. But when the meeting finally ended, and I started rushing to get my stuff so I could rush home and get ready for my birthday celebration- he isn’t looking my way. He’s right in front of me, but not looking at me. Everybody else in my view says bye to me and wishes me a fun night- but he was barely looking at me.

And so, I walk. That was that. I was done.

***”I’m so proud of you! The New Year has changed you so much! No more same old!” Mr. Photography dude says. “Here’s a song for you!” he says pushing a song on his iPod.

I stop lining my eyes. “Turn that off” I say.

“Why?” he asks confused.

It’s “Same Old Love” by Selena Gomez. “Prince Player” loves Selena Gomez.

Sigh. This will be harder than I thought.

(TO BE CONTINUED- don’t miss the next part!)

xoxo. S.


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