The most hardest day in travel and love (Pretty, Part 1)

3:30am- Tuesday

Sigh. I am finally ready to explain what a crazy 24+ hours it has been. And it’s no one’s fault but mine.

I was so excited on Sunday to finally be returning back to school! On Saturday, I spent one last day with my family. My dad looked extremely sad all day. At dinner, we kept asking why he was sad and finally I asked, “Dad, is it because I’m leaving tomorrow”. Finally, he said, “Yea. I’m gonna miss you so much. That’s why I want you to look for grad schools here!” I sigh and smile. It’s nice my dad’s going to miss me, but I tell him I can’t stand all the drama with our family and that he is going to get a nice break when I am away (as he won’t have to see me crying everyday).

“I don’t care about all the crying and the drama. That’s what makes a family, Shaz!” he says. It’s sweet. But I just smile. My mom starts pressuring me about retaking the GRE and starts listing off a lot of schools in Texas. I get mad because I don’t really like Texas and I want to look out of state. As I sit there mad, the waitress comes to take our order and after ordering mine, she looks at me and says “You’re so pretty”. I smiled a huge smile ❤ That was so nice! I say “thank you” and the rest of the dinner goes well.

When I get home- I rushed to pack. It’s 10pm and my flight is at 7 in the morning. Packing takes me until 4am :0 I end up not sleeping much but I was okay because “Prince Player” was awake and we kept messaging each other about how we couldn’t wait to see each other ❤ So I barely sleep, but it’s okay because I figured my flight lands so early and I won’t see player until later in the day anyway so I can find some time in between to sleep.

Jan 3rd.

Little did I know, that wasn’t going to happen. The Sunday after New Year’s happens to be the WORST day to travel. I had to check in my bags and the line to do this was HORRENDOUS. Somehow, a very sympathetic flight attendant got my bags and I was on my way. But it was only beginning. Once I reached the security checkpoint, there was another horrendous line. And just as I finally got my stuff on the revolving belt, a passenger forgot to put his stuff on the belt so his assistant got in front of me- and placed his bags, in front of mine. It only got worse, there were liquids in his bag and so- they had to stop, get those out, and start the machine again. My jaw was about to fall. My plane was literally leaving in 10 minutes. Finally, everything got through. I grabbed my stuff and rushed to my gate. Which was again, just my luck, all the way on the other side.

I rushed harder, and finally reached my gate. It was empty- oh shit. But luckily, it wasn’t closed yet and some other people boarded after me as well. I was so relieved once I got on the plane. I was excited to catch up on sleep- but there was a strange feeling in my gut. I felt like something bad was going to happen. First I thought to myself, “How terrible would it be if my bags got lost? I wouldn’t have all the presents I bought my friends and I’d have to wait for hours at the airport “. And then I shook it off. Because, then I had another strange feeling in my gut. “What if, today after I get back and see ‘Prince Player’…what if these past 6 weeks we spoke everyday didn’t really mean much and he wants to see other women? And then we wouldn’t be able to make-up for that crappy Valetine’s Day we had freshman year… Wouldn’t that be a terrible start to the quarter? And to the year in general?”.

I shake it off again. I go to the bathroom and splash cold water on my face. When I come back, a flight attendant making his way back looks at me and says, “You’re so pretty”. I smile and say “thanks”. But I’m still overwhelmed. I don’t know why my Anxiety and ADHD were running so high. It must have been the lack of sleep. (Or as you will read, it’s because my poor gut was right- about everything).

Because when I land, I go to baggage claim. And I am happy to get my first bag. Usually, my second bag (my oh so cute Vera Bradley) is with it. That was strange. Where was it…? I wait a while longer- until there is only 1 bag rolling. I see 10 other people wait for their bags too. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. One of them goes to talk to the agent, “Yea today was a busy day. There’s a good chance it will be on our next flight, at 3:00”. Holy shit. It was 11:00. I am running low on sleep, food, and sanity. I call my mom. She asks me what I want to do. I tell her I guess I will stay at the airport.

She asks me if I’m okay. I have a huge lump in my throat, but I made a New Year’s Resolution to keep my cool in situations like this. So I choke out a slight “…yes”.

When an hour or two passes, it is like hell for me. I worry about my bag and the agent even tells me he’s not sure my bag will be on the next flight. So then it would have been a waste to stay at the airport…

I sigh. I feel so dead, and so overwhelmed. I get a taxi and head on to my dorm. I’ll hopefully come back later on the train, and get my bag. I ask “Prince Player” if he could see me a little later, early evening or something. I’m happy when he says yes ❤

I didn’t spend too much time in my dorm. I just dropped off what I had, ate two Chicken McNuggets (yea I couldn’t even eat), and took the train back.

After spending an hour on the train, I arrive at the airport again, and wait about 15 minutes for the bags to start rolling. My heart was beating the entire time. And behold, 15 minutes later- it was the first bag to come out! I quickly grab it and head on home. My parents suggest I take a taxi as it has been a long day. I thought this was a good idea. But again…

There was Chicago Bears game going on. And the traffic was unbelievable. It felt like it would take forever to get back and see “Prince Player”. My taxi driver cussed, took so many rough turns, and meh- let me just save it. He got me there just about 20 minutes before “Prince Player” would arrive and although it wouldn’t give me enough time to shower or change into something cuter- that was enough for me.

I got enough time to fix my eye-liner and mascara. When he doesn’t text around the time we said he’d come, I get worried…but he does 🙂

I sigh. I prayed that all the crap I went through all day…would be worth it.

But it wasn’t.

(to be continued)

xoxo. S.

Found this on Facebook and thought it described how I was feeling perfectly 🙂



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