Happy New Year! (and 7 thoughts I had at Victoria’s Secret) 

Happy new year reader! I am so blessed to have had a successful 2015, I’m nervous and excited to see what 2016 brings 🙂 What did you do on your first day of the new year?

This year, it was sad not having “Heart” to wish a happy new year to (and even sadder for Harris to send me pics of them partying)-but oh so exciting to have “Prince Player” to wish ❤ (more about this later!)  After we slept off last night’s festivities, my family and I went to the mall in the morning.

Usually, I take a trip to Victoria’s Secret right before my birthday/Christmas- but this year, with all the stuff going on, I couldn’t 😦 So I thought I would use  the first day of the New Year to stop by! After all…why not have a fun start to the new year 😉

Anyways. There was so much going on at the store today. Probably because the semi-annual sale is happening…and it is New Year’s. And so…these are the thoughts I had.

1.) This is not a sale. Why are the best panties $11 each and the best bras $65.- I’m not sure but let’s get them anyway ❤

2.) When did my butt suddenly grow? 

3.) The fitting room attendants are extremely sweet. They ask you your name and size and personally grab something else for you if what you’re trying on doesn’t work out 🙂 And they really are personable with you!

4.) I look amazing. I think I can be a Victoria’s Secret Angel. As “Heart” once told me ❤ Speaking of which…

5.) When will I find a man to buy these for me?As I was browsing through the panties section, I saw a woman hold up a tiny red thong to her husband/boyfriend (don’t know who) and he said to her- “muy sexy”.

Uh huh. Muy sexy indeed.

6.) Why am I spending so much money on something only I will see?? Well…most of the time anyway.

7.) I spent so much money on something only I will see because this is the most self-care I will ever practice ❤ I spend so much time helping others I rarely do anything for myself. So I shall treat myself ❤ And that is my New Year’s resolution- to focus a little bit more on myself.

I love Victoria’s Secret for their lingerie, make-up (featured in the photo above!), pajamas, perfume and more. When I got back, I snap chatted my girlfriends and behold- most of them went shopping there today too! I think it’s nice to have a store where I don’t feel uncomfortable/judged buying a pair of undergarments. But, I’m just a girly girl and I was happy to start my New Year doing something for myself ❤

How did you all start your New Year’s? 🙂

xoxo. S.


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year! (and 7 thoughts I had at Victoria’s Secret) 

  1. I am a firm believer in the fact that a cute bra or undies can totally make your day. Who cares if nobody sees it. If you feel hot in it that’s a day maker in itself! Happy new year Shaz 🙂

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