My Favorite 2015 Memories

What people see, is that this was “a good year” for me. What people don’t see, was that it was a very hard year for me… Yes I got into the competitive Master’s of Public Health Program at my school, yes I received a big internship at one of the best colleges in America, yes I was elected to be the Vice President of one of the biggest clubs on campus- yes I could see why everyone tells me, “oh what do you mean you had a hard year? You were extremely successful this year!”

What do I mean? I mean…that no one saw me crying as I was rejected to 6 internships. No one saw me cry when I realized the MPH program at my school won’t work out for me (at least not now). No one saw all the politics I had to handle in my role as VP (and being the rival organization of Heart’s club :0)

Nothing comes without hard work. Of course I still think this was a great year 🙂 I’d like to countdown a few of my favorite memories from this year ❤

1.) Getting into the accelerated MPH program at my school- Holy moly. Aside from the day I got my scholarship to attend undergrad, this was the best day of my life! I NEVER thought someone like me could get this opportunity. Everyone tried to discourage me saying things like “Oh…the program only accepts 20 students”, “Are you sure you really want to jump into grad school so quickly? Why not work first?” But I did it. Yes freshmen year scholarship probation me…did it! I worked hard to bring up my grades Sophomore and Junior year- and it all payed off 🙂

Now, having to decline it was one of the biggest hardships. I had no idea the expenses would be so high and that my family would be permanently moving to Texas. Those two things changed everything. I pray that another door open this year and I find myself somewhere better 🙂

2.) Being elected as the Vice President of the Arabic Club (and getting to go to Boston because of it!)- Well that certainly threw “Heart” off. He always loves to point out how much more “Arab” he is and how I don’t know as much as he does about the culture. He took a seat that day… My experience in TAing a class about the Arab culture for two years, excellent public speaking skills, and outstanding knowledge of the language and culture won me the position 🙂

Going to Boston to represent my club and the Arab community in Chicago was AMAZING! I have planned more exciting events for the year (including having Chicago Public School students that are studying Arabic perform at our annual Music & Literature night). I am so excited! Now “Hearts” club is doing just as fascinating events, so maybe I should collaborate with him rather than compete with him…we’ll see.

3.) My internship as a Physics and Chemistry TA for gifted kids at one of the best colleges in America- Enough said. I love teaching and I love working with youth that have extra special learning needs.

4.) My walk with “Heart” on Michigan Avenue- Now “Heart” and I weren’t really that close this year. This could be due to the fact I’m graduating this year, we run competing organizations, he has become a busy traveling consultant like my brother and dad, or that he has become tired of me. Whatever it is- I’ll always remember the day he invited me to come see him downtown at his work. I was crushed over my interaction with “Prince Player” a few days before as he said he only came back into my life because he “felt  sorry for me”. But “Heart” was nice. He took me to a restaurant, held my hand as we walked the busy streets, and drove me home playing my favorite Arabic songs. These are the kinds of moments I will miss 😦

5.) Seeing “Prince Player” on the first snowstorm of the school year right before we had to leave- Sometimes, player has really good timing. There I was- just staring at the beautiful snowstorm, dreaming of a winter cuddle. And having anxiety because of finals and the GRE. Yet, he came to see me despite the weather ❤ And when it was time for us to say bye, I didn’t want him to go..and so I took a deep breath and smiled at him. And then, he felt the same way…and came back for one last hug ❤ He never comes back for one last hug…Something is changing between me and him. I don’t know what. Well maybe I do know. But that day- was special. It must have been the snowstorm. Or not… But I hope this year- we can make up for our terrible freshmen year and any other stuff that has happened between us in the last 3 and 1/2 years of our relationship.

6.) Celebrating my 22nd birthday in my hometown of Miami- It has been my dream since I moved from Miami when I was 10 to go back there. Being able to celebrate my birthday there was a nightmare at first…but ended up being so magical by the end of the night! In Miami, dreams really do come true and I hope I get to move back there…someday.

I’m thankful for every little and big memory I had from this year ❤ I wish all of you a very Happy New Year and a great year ahead 🙂

xoxo. S.


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