Before Leaving for Miami (almost birthday musings)

Phew. I can’t believe how slow I have been at blogging during my winter break. This probably shows how little of a “break” I have been having! I hope all of you had a Christmas full of love and joy ❤

I got back from Miami exactly a week ago- and boy do I have a lot of stories to share about my birthday and visiting the place that used to be, and always will be, “my hometown”.

Thursday Dec. 17-Friday Dec. 18

I was excited to pack on Thursday night. My mom and dad booked tickets and they were excited to be joining as well. It was also nice to finally talk to “Prince Player” about our…uh…miscommunication.

When I was finished with my homework on Friday, and the rush of last minute packing slowed down, I got a call from Mr. Photography dude.

“It’s almost your birthday in Indian and Arab time! I wanted to be the first to acknowledge your birthday!”he says as soon as I answer.

I laugh. We talk about the trip a little and then I share with him that he was totally right about “Prince Player”.

“I got sad for nothing. Player was giving me a compliment when he said he’s not worthy of me! He said that I’m too good for him!” I say.

I could practically hear his jaw drop on the other end. “Did I not tell you? Why don’t you ever listen to me? I haven’t been wrong about the two of you this year!”he says laughing.

01 - xuuEzN2I stuff some more things into my suitcase, “I know, I know. But you don’t know him like I do. No one has ever hurt me like he did. My god if he ever does that again-”

“Why do you have to judge him on his past? Haven’t you ever made a mistake?” he asks.

“Trust me. Not as big as that” I say.

He’s silent. “Okay. Maybe. I’m not judging him on his past, God knows I wouldn’t want anyone to judge me on my past. But I’m scared. And I want to proceed with caution. That is all” I say.

“And that’s okay. But you’ve already forgiven him and you’re over it all so try not to act like you’re still going mad about it.”

I stay silent for a while. “Last night. I had a dream he got with one of my friends!”

Now he’s really laughing. “Oh my god. Just stop. It’s a sign that you’re too paranoid something bad is going to happen. When have you ever been a pessimist? You were always an optimist and see the good in everyone!”

I smile. He has a point. I tell him I’m probably going extra crazy this month because of all the situations at home and my thyroid (as mentioned in the last post).

“Just try to relax these few days. Think about yourself for once. Especially tomorrow. Don’t let anything get to you” he responds.

We read my horoscope because I don’t know, I’m an astrology nut…and it says to be careful in the matters of love on the 19th and 20th :0 MY BIRTHDAY. Uh oh.

He tells me that the last horoscope was basically wrong anyways so I shouldn’t pay attention and again assures me to relax.

Sigh. If only that could have been true.

(to be continued)

xoxo. S.

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