Graduate School Application Dilemma

Here I am. My birthday only a few days away. Holiday season. Family. I should be having a great time. Right? WRONG.

moving forward quotes,At moments like this, I wish I accepted my undergraduate school’s graduate school admission. Like my lovers, my friends, and all the other smart people in my life have done. This application, for my specific health program, is the hardest thing to figure out. Most of my friends are having a more simpler time with their apps, they choose the schools they like- and send out their information. Mine, is a little trickier than that. It is a “common app”. That should be easy. You make one big application, and the same app goes to every school. IT IS NOT EASY. IT IS TERRIFYING.

I could be worrying about normal girly things like what “Prince Player” said, the results of my blood test, “Heart’s” birthday (which happens to be on the day my first round of applications are due”, my own upcoming birthday, Grandma, friends, something else! But I am worrying..about this huge application. And for good reasons!

1.) The GRE- With individual apps, you can send whichever score you would like to the school. With the common app, ALL of your scores are shown. You can’t send one score to one school, and then send your better school to another. No, no, every score will be shown to each school.

2.) Transcript- You must manually type every single 40 something classes you have taken. Year, quarter, class name, class code,  grade. 40 times.

3.) Recommendation Letter- You can’t have your professor “tailor” their letter to each school. They must begin with the oh so meh, “To whomever it may concern” statement and make their letter general 😦 Which means, my favorite professor who went to University of Miami and taught there can’t say “As an Alumni, I think Shahz would be a great fit here-”

4.) Personal Statement- The absolute hardest. Again. Can’t “tailor” personal statement to each school. I have taught at other universities, attended conferences at other universities, presented at other universities, but I cannot let them know 😦 As my letter will be shown to EACH college and must be “general”.

5.) Deleting information- Nothing can be deleted/edited. Did you get a better recommendation letter? GRE score? Want to change your resume? No. Add as much as you like, but no changing what you already have.

6.) Transcripts- Rather than emailing it for free, it needs to mailed. That means calling several people to retrieve it, and waiting for colleges to receive it.

7.) Money- Because of the “convenience” of the common application, each application ranges from $75-150. EACH. Yes. Plus transcripts for each school. Plus GRE.

somebody help me.

Health majors. Grad school applicants. I need you ❤

xoxo. S.


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