A Note About Social Media

This is a long over due post, but seeing as I just saw the A+ I got on my research paper about it- I think it is time to release it 🙂

ecardsl1019Social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (Does snapchat count too???) We all use it. Social media has helped us meet people, connect with our families oversees, communicate easily, the list goes on. But is it really more beneficial than harmful? This past quarter, for my psychology class, I had to develop a research paper about the influence of social media on our mental health. And with my expertise, I had to explain how to combat the negatives. I encourage you to read some of the responses!

Interviewee # 1: “Our personal satisfaction of our post is based on how many ‘likes or re-tweets’ we get. It’s embarrassing if we only get a few”.

My reaction: Yes, I see it.

My analysis: Tough one. A “few likes” can mean anything to anybody. For me, getting even one ‘like’ means a lot! For some 20 is a lot, others a 100, everybody is different.

Interviewee # 2: “Sometimes, reading about other people’s successes make me jealous and overwhelmed. Also, reading the articles people “share” about war and animal cruelty is a sad sight to see on my news feed. All of this just stirs up anxiety in me!”

My reaction: True. Like right now as I read about everyone’s positive GRE and graduate school applications, I’m stressed out on my crazy experience! And yes, running a club all about politics, I too get a daily dose of overwhelming articles about what’s going on in the world shared by my friends and executive board.

My analysis: It’s okay to be overwhelmed. But think, everybody has their moment, and you will too. There’s a time for everything. In terms of the friends that overshare, even I find this to be a problem sometimes. If it’s good articles, by all means continue to read. If it is disturbing, block your friend or click “I don’t want to see posts like this”. Simple. Yes, you can practice self care on social media 🙂

Interviewee # 3: “My significant other ‘likes’ every SINGLE post my good friend posts, but rarely likes what I post (even though she posts every day, and I post like once a season). It hurts me.”

My reaction: OUCH. I felt as if I said this! I’ve had this experience many times. It’s no fun 😦 But what my female classmate said, and other classmates jumped in on, is absolutely correct. Social media websites like Facebook show you which one of your friends recently ‘liked’ one of your other friends post. So when you see constantly see your lover’s name on each post, what are you supposed to think? Hmmm…see my analysis below.

My analysis: Alright I had to think a lot about this one. I had to ask a lot of females about their opinion on this one. Especially after a lot of websites said ‘a guy liking all of your posts is a sign he likes you’! Christ, we don’t want to lose our men or any ladies to lose their men!

And so this is what we concluded. RELAX. A guy’s attraction towards you should not be determined by the way he ‘likes’ your stuff and ‘comments’ on your stuff for the whole world to see- but the way he treats you in real life. The way he calls/texts you before you go to sleep and when you wake up. When he starts doing these to someone else, be concerned. But not now. When “Heart” and I started talking, I noticed he was doing this with one of our gorgeous mutual friends. I cried all day when I saw him comment “Ayy can I holla at you?” on her picture. But as it turned out, she already had a boyfriend and they are just really close friends.

Now him liking every girl’s posts but yours is a different story. And then again, it’s not. “Heart” never really liked much of the stuff I posted on social media because he ALREADY knew. Why do we need our lover’s attention on social media when we have it in real life? 🙂 ***Side note: This is a very rhetorical question. Sometimes, even if ‘Heart’ already knows about my success/what I’m posting- I still expect his presence on my social media!

Interviewee # 4: “It’s as if our face to face interaction is reduced. When we want to talk about something, we just send out a quick message. Or if we want to let all 1,000 of our friends know something, we just post” And whenever we need a distraction, we just log in.

My reaction: Amen. The #1 problem about social media. The last time I was with “Heart, in between our fight, I saw him checking his Facebook. “Sorry, I gotta take care of club business”. Uh…what? SO DO I! But I’ll check it after I’m done with him… But he doesn’t feel the same way. And keeps messaging on away.

My analysis: This is kind of the reason why social media was invented…We have lots of family oversees, we have friends who we can’t see often due to various reasons- how can we communicate with them easily? Social media 🙂

In my research paper, I listed about 20 affects social media has on us and counter arguments- these are only 4 🙂 Comment below and tell me anything I missed in this article!

Note: ***’Heart’ is mentioned so much in this article not because we’re together (we’re not) but because his birthday is tomorrow and I was thinking of him 🙂

xoxo. S.

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