How my first quarter of my last year ended

Well readers, that flew by so fast. I can’t believe my first quarter of my last year in college is over!

In Academics:

In the midst of finals- I wanted to keep blogging but just could not :/ I think all my finals except Microbiology went well. I guess I’ll be retaking it next quarter :0 But I expected it. It was my hardest science classes out of the 4 I took this quarter and constantly depressed me.

I am proud of myself for not completely losing my mind as I took 5 (all science) classes this quarter. I am also proud for keeping up with them even with my TA job, my Vice Presidents duties, and volunteering. I hope I can do better in Microbio next quarter.

quotes-about-motivational_16775-1I am taking a class over winter break. I am also *eep* taking the GRE on Monday (another reason why I have been so absent here!). Sometimes, I wish I accepted my undergraduate school’s offer to continue my graduate studies. All my friends have graduated early and have their “next steps” figured out. But I try not to compare myself and keep moving forward ❤ More about GRE pressures in the “In Family” section.

In the Flight Back Home:

I used my time in my three hour flight to catch up on sleep that I missed during finals week. When I finally woke up in the middle of the flight, everything was blurry. I couldn’t see or hear anything. I thought I was going to throw up. “Excuse me I feel sick” I mumbled out literally jumping over the passengers sitting next to me. I stumbled to the bathroom. This was so strange, I have been traveling on planes all over the world since I was a baby! What was happening?!? One flight attendant gave me a sympathetic smile and I quickly opened the “Vacant” bathroom (thank god) and squeezed myself in. I take many deep breaths. Rapidly. Okay. That was better. My eye sight came back and I can suddenly hear things again. I stay in the bathroom for about 10 minutes. As a Health Sciences major, I am very used to diagnosing and treating myself. I ask the flight attendant for some water when I come out. I walk back to my seat, I have a migraine but I do feel better. I kindly apologize to the people who were sitting next to me and they asked me if I need anything. “Oh I’m fine! I have no idea what just happened!” I say. My mom says it’s time to get my blood work done again :0

In Family:

My Grandma from my Dad’s side is visiting. I always prayed she would come to the U.S one day, literally maybe since I was 10 I have been praying. And finally, she is here for my birthday, Christmas, and New Year. Grandma brings so much peace into my house. With my anxiety over the GRE, and my dad causing me to have even more anxiety as he pressures me to study-my Grandma is there to tell him to “chill”. I have no idea how I will take two classes and apply to grad schools over break with all this pressure and me wanting to spend time with my Grandma!

“Habibti, everything will be okay. I’ll take care of your dad. You study and we’ll start hanging out once the GRE is over” she said dropping off some chai.

I love Grandma’s chai ❤ She also makes empanadas. Speaking of which :0

In love:

Coming to you soon 😉 A very long, lovely, story that will have to wait until I’m done with the GRE! Stay tuned 🙂

I hope all my readers had a fantastic Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for all of you who keep me sane ❤

xoxo. S.

6 thoughts on “How my first quarter of my last year ended

  1. I totally understand what you mean about pressures with the GRE , family, and such. That will be my life next year! It’s all so daunting but keep in mind that wonderful accomplishments you will have under your belt when you look back on all of this! 🙂 That’s what keeps me sane as well!

    Happy blogging!

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