Nothing But Politics

I haven’t talked to “Prince Player” since our last…fiasco. I am still so very hurt by what he said. When I think about it, I just shrug and try to think about something happy. That’s how sad his words made me. And my mom also left for Qatar a few days ago. So I am…eh.

Anyway, my club is at our highest peak right now and my classes are so hard. So I have been too distracted by both to really be upset by both…

I usually go home every Halloween, but this year seeing that I had a conference out of town the weekend after and didn’t want to spend two weekend away- I went earlier this quarter. So I had to think about what I would do instead for Halloween, as I am not a party kind of girl. Lukily, my club organized an outing to go to “Fright Fest” at Six Flags. It was very scary, I wish we didn’t Let’s just say…I was holding on to “Harris” (my President, Heart’s best friend) half the time. I didn’t mean to! But I got intense anxiety the moment I stepped onto the first roller coaster- and it was way scarier than I thought it would be so I started screaming and held Harris’s hand :0 Oh. My. God. And I thought it was over. But no. We walked through a haunted maze and I shrieked every second. And every time I shrieked, I grabbed onto, you guessed it- Harris. Harris didn’t seem to mind. But I felt uneasy knowing that I was in love with his best friend and getting all close with him! On the car ride back, Harris asked if we could go smoke hookah. I said “no” on account of it was almost 2am and I was exhausted. He ignored me the rest of the ride, but when we got to house to drop him off, I hugged him goodbye and said “don’t hate me”. He hugged me back and said “I don’t. Don’t worry about it.” Thank goodness. I don’t need any conflicts with him, we have a club to run! And we have the most important event of the year (or in our club’s history) this weekend, our conference to Boston!

So yea. Right after our Halloween fun was over, I immediately started getting our stuff ready to go on this conference. I felt really strange, “Harris” and I got closer than usual last weekend. I really hoped “Heart” didn’t think anything of it. It’s just the way we Arabs are. And he knows that. Because just as the week began again, he texted! We talked a lot and we tried to see each other, but unfortunately, he couldn’t make it :/  It made me sad because I wanted to talk to him about my mom, the undying politics of both of our clubs, my stress in applying to grad school, and just balancing everything going on right now. Just as he stopped talking to me, the professor of the class I TA asked me to contact “Heart” and have him come speak to our class next week about his club :0 Oh. My. God. Politics.

When I asked “Heart” about it, he was so lovey-dovey with me and said, “No let’s not talk about that right now, we’ll talk about it later”. He’s scheduled to present in 5 days. And 4 out of those 5 days I will be in Boston. Not able to talk to him about it :0 Ugh. He drives me crazy. And so does “Prince Player”. Especially him!

Anyways, I am taking off for Boston tomorrow early morning and I am excited. And a little anxious. I’m anxious that thoughts of either “Heart” or “Prince Player” will flood my mind as I try to network at the best university in the country. I’m anxious to share a hotel room with my sassy e-board. I’m anxious that I might be overwhelmed by new people and a new city I have never been too. But…I’m excited to spend a weekend with my very awesome E-board (and Harris of course). I’m excited to meet lots of people from the same background as me. And I’m excited to visit Boston!

And then, I’m nervous again. A whole weekend with my Executive Board :0 I really hope everything will be okay, because lately, it’s been nothing but politics.

xoxo. S.


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