Stress vs. Hormones (guess who won)

“I’m late.”

“Your…late? What are you talking about? We said 10:00 and you’re here.” Gabby says. I look at Z and she shakes her head. “She means her period, Gabby.”

Yesterday, after 5 hours of Microbio- I went to volunteer and then I had an event for my club. By the time all of this was over at 9:00, I had to see my friends. And preferably girls. I text Gabby and Z and we agree to meet at the bar we usually go to.

Gabby’s eyes widen. “YOU DIDN’T.”

“I swear. I didn’t!” I say.

Gabby and Z exchange a look.

“Are you sure? Wait, who was it? Heart or Player?” Gabby grills me.

“Neither! I didn’t do anything, I’m sure!” I say.

Gabby starts laughing, “Okay then you’re fine. You do know how a baby is created right? You’re the Public Health major in our group?”

We all start laughing.

“YESSSS. But why am I so late? It’s been two weeks!” I say not drinking at all.

Gabby and Z stop drinking their drinks.

“Has it really been that long?” Z asks.

I nod.

Gabby shakes her head. “I’m sure there’s gotta be a reason why it’s so late. It could be stress! But what is so stressful to you that it is sooo late?”

“Gabby….” Z starts.

“No I understand. She has a new class to teach. She’s taking 4 classes with a Microbio lab which makes it 5 classes. Her family just moved to a new state. Because of their new mortgage, she had to pay her own tuition and rent this quarter. She has to run a club. She has to take the GRE. She has to apply for Grad school. On top of that, there’s the recent Prince Player dilemma. And then “Heart”. She has-

Gabby pauses. We stare at her.

“Oh shit.” She grabs my arm. “Ask for help sweetie! You don’t have to deal with all of this yourself!”

“It’s nothing new. I’ve been doing this for three years!” I say.

“Yea, but it has never affected your hormones like this! Like holy crap, your stress beat Mother Nature this time!” she says.

“I think it’s the Prince Player situation that stressed her a bit more this time” Z says.

Gabby looks at her. “Hun, I’m sure Shahz knows better than to stress over that.” She looks at me, “You do know that right?”

I stay silent.

“Oh hell. Shahz. You can’t be serious” she says.

I sigh. “I do know. But when it combined with everything that’s going on right now- I guess my body couldn’t handle it”.

“Maybe you should text him” she says.

I look at the floor. “And say what? I can’t. Anything I say about my feelings can ruin our friendship.”

Gabby rolls her eyes. “I saw ‘Heart’ today. I wanted to break his face. And then his balls. But I will let you do that part sweetie.”

Z and I burst out laughing. “But if I do that. I can’t have his child! Could you imagine? A cute little baby with his hazel eyes and my nose?” I say.

“Awwwww. And then it would also have your big eyes” Z says to me.

Gabby rolls her eyes, “You both are wackos. None of us have time for a baby right now! Especially you Shahz!”

Z nods at me. And we walk back home. Early morning today, I wake up with my whole body aching. And of course, it’s exactly what I’ve been waiting for.

I call Z and Gabby in the afternoon, “You guys won’t believe this.”

I tell them and they let me know they are around if I need anything. And then I tell player, he tells me I must have been so stressed. I tell him he has no idea and that I would like to see him as my cramps get worse when I think of our situation. He says okay.

anigif_optimized-2482-1427215342-4I make a few more calls and cancel my weekend plans that I have with any friends, my club, my students, or really anyone. Unless they want to come to my place. Because I need to rest this weekend. For myself, and my body.

xoxo. S.


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