About Last Week….

“Yea…has it been dry lately?”

I gape. And then I burst out laughing. I can’t believe “Prince Player” made a sexual reference to me!!!!!!

I should probably start from the beginning. Senior year has started off on a very busy note. I don’t know what I was thinking when I signed up for 4 classes (ALL SCIENCE!), a TAing job, volunteering, and hello- being Vice President of one of the biggest club’s on campus. And in between my own class that I was TAing for the first time, the professor I used to work with asked me to come speak to his class. It was the same class player and I took together three years ago and it gave me memories. Then when I returned to teach my own class, I gave them an informal presentation first about how my freshman year went (I always do this for the first lesson) I talk about my mistakes, successes, ups, and downs. Obviously, the “Prince Player” story was in it. And that’s what my students were invested in the most :0 They stayed after class to ask me about it! That gave me memories too 😦 So yea, this was quite the week.

But finally, the weekend started to arrive and… I saw “Prince Player” at a meeting. I just got back from an outing with my former students so I’m actually really happy. He gives me a smile. I give him a smile. He knows he is in deep shit. I look at him when he sits down. “I am a horrible texter.” No shit sweetie. I fold my hands and raise my chin and ask him the question that I have been dying to know and did not get a response to through text, “Are you okay?”

He says yes. I don’t believe him.

So I wait until the meeting is over. He says “Wanna hang out?” and then “See ya later!” God why is player teasing me. Which one does he want? I decide to tease him back.

“Oh. You’re not gonna won’t walk me home?” I say giving him my puppy eyes.

“You did not, you flirt” Mr. Photography dude says as he proof-read this post.

“Shut up I just asked him to walk me home” I say.

Anyways back to player. He sighs a dramatic sigh, “Fineeeeeee” he says. And so just like freshman year, he walks me home. Now’s my chance to ask him again-

“Are you okay?” I ask.

“Oh yea. I’ve just been stressed-” Oh my god why does Player not see what I’m asking.

“No not that…about last week...” I finally say.

“Oh last week? Yea” he shrugs. “My lack of response had nothing to do with that” he says.

“You had me worried sick! I thought I broke you!” I say. “No” he says shaking his head. And then, “…did I break you?”

I smile and say no. Of course he didn’t break me! At least not this time… He asks me how my week has been.

“Oh my god you have no idea. I have been so stressed too-” I begin.

“Yea…has it been dry?” he asks. Oh my god. And so we are at the point where the story began. Player is just so funny. It reminded me of how last year around this time  he accidentally told our friend “It’s easy to get to the bottom of her hole, I know how to get to the bottom of her hole!” See: Second Week Back At School

I laugh so hard and look at him. He knows what he just said and I can totally see he meant it! Silly player. It’s moments like these that I will sooooo miss after college.

“How’s your boyfriend?” he asks.

I laugh. “He’s good” I say. I try to block out what happened with him the week before…

“He’s probably better than me” player says.

I shake my head and smile. Player will never understand.

We talk some more and walk past my freshman year dorm. “Look that’s where I used to live freshman year! And we used to-”

He stops me and says he tries not to remember what happened freshman year 😦 It makes me sad but then Mr. Photography dude says “Maybe he tries not to remember what happened with all those other girls he hooked up with, not you” and then I feel better.

We talk some more. I finally tell him my concerns about what happened the week before and he reassures me about things. We both agree that we liked what happened last week. And then, all though rules he created last week about how “we shouldn’t spend time alone together” and really everything- got broken.

Oy ve.

grey's anatomy“So really….nothing has changed” Mr. Photography dude says after he analyzes my week.

I shrug. What is going on right now?

As if God is testing me, “Heart” texts me the next morning. Thankfully, it’s about our clubs.

He asks if I am attending the conference at (a certain Ivy League I must not say to protect the privacy of the blog and people mentioned in it). I say probably. My whole Executive Board was invited. His executive board was invited too so I ask him if he is going as well. He says “I don’t think so”. Thank god,  it would really suck to have to see him and his entire sassy executive board that is taking him away from me. I tell him I’m not totally sure if I can go yet because I have a scholarship event on the first night and would have to come late without my board if I am going. He says he hopes that I figure everything out and that hopefully I can go. It’s sweet. But…why did he want to know if he isn’t going? He is up to something- and I don’t like it.

xoxo. S.


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