Late Night Thoughts As I Fall Asleep Watching My Beautiful View

Every night, I sleep with my windows open. This is what I think to myself as I count the cars going by and all the buildings that make up the skyline.

1.) The cashier who handed me a free sample of “Vanilla Frosted Combos” while I was buying my textbooks in the bookstore at school today saying “Hey, thanks for hanging with us and waiting in line” made my entire week. I first tried combos when I was six and my family just moved from the Middle East. I knew very little English and I accidentally asked for combos instead of ice cream in the lunch line… I didn’t like combos back then. But these new Vanilla Frosting ones have transported me back to my childhood. To whoever invented these, I love you ❤ And to the person who gave it to me while I was standing in line, bless you ❤

2.) My neck, my shoulders, and head are aching from sitting still for three hours in night class. But, after class I gave my Professor the “I have ADHD” speech I must have with all my professors the first week of classes and she was really sweet and offered me tips on how to do well in her class. It is very important to me because her class is what I want to do with my life….”Health Education”.

3.) Today when I was walking to night class, I was thinking about everything on this list. As my mind was clouded, this guy stopped me and said “Excuse me. I just saw you walking and I think you’re really cute. What’s your name?” I stood like a deer in headlights and walked away. Do guys…think it’s okay to do this? I thought he was going to say “I saw you walking and I think I’m your student” or “I saw you walking and recognized you from the fair on Friday. I’m interested in joining your club!”. Not…”I think you’re really cute. What’s your name?” You don’t ask that to some random person on the street thinking about life and 4amrushing to class.

4.) Tomorrow is my first day of my last year TAing at this university. I have just (oh so at the very last minute) finished up my syllabus. It wasn’t my fault, my Professor still hasn’t created his and I wanted to collaborate with him. The class starts at 8:50 tomorrow, I should probably go to sleep soon. But no, I must mentally practice what I will tell these students tomorrow!

5.) Is it too late to have some wine?

6.) Yes it is. And my class starts at 8:00 tomorrow….Who wants a hungover teacher? No thank you. Maybe I’ll have some tomorrow night.

7.) If I was the same religion as “Prince Player”, I could be with him.

8.) If I was the same religion as “Heart”, I could be with him.

xoxo. S.


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