All’s Fair in Love and Politics: More than Friends

It’s been almost a week since the “Prince Player” thing and 24 hours since I last had to see “Heart”. As if I didn’t get enough of “Heart”, I had to see him again on Thursday and Friday. IN PUBLIC. Now that he is President and I am Vice President of our respected clubs- we have started collaborating. It’s like mine and “Prince Player’s” drama all over again. Why oh why did I get involved in the same stuff “Heart” is in :0

On Thursday it was a festival. This wasn’t too bad. His club got their own table on one side of the room and mine got ours on the other side. We were well distanced and all we really said to each other was “hi”. But still, I couldn’t stop looking at him. And I swear all these feelings that I had lost started coming back. Suddenly, my “I don’t want to be more than friends rule” started fading. Thankfully, I had class so I didn’t have to stay too long and was allowed to leave early.

But the next day :0 Holy moly. There was a conference for Executive Boards of Cultural Organizations and guess who had to attend: Me, Harris (my President as well as the person trying to break me and ‘Heart’ up), “Heart”, and the girl that was flirting with “Heart” at my election win (who happens to be “Heart’s” treasurer :0)

I bumped into him bright and early at 10 right before the meeting began. We said hello and he asked if I was there for the same thing he was. I said yes and the fact that Harris overslept and it’s just me representing our club.

“Well, you did your part” he says. It’s cute. He gets that this is not what I signed up for when I became Vice President. I do all the work while Harris just stands there and watches.

“I always do my part” I whisper frustrated.

We check in and he goes to sit near that girl while I sit solo. They dissapear for a while in the middle of the conference. Harris finally arrives two hours later and I talk to him. As we’re making progress, “Heart” and the girl comes back. “Marhaba!” “Baiwa!” “Salaam!” all kinds of laughing and hugging is going on as soon as they see Harris. They ignore me and start talking to Harris in Arabic about how our clubs can work together for an upcoming event. I don’t get how “Heart” can be friends with Harris after the way he keeps treating us. Why do we have to work together? Christ, there were 49 other organizations at that event! I suggest we work with this other group and Harris says we worked with “Heart’s” group last year and they were good. So I say, “Why don’t we try something new this year! Both of our organizations are for Arab students! Why don’t we partner with a totally different group? That’s collaboration!” He says no.

I get so frustrated that he just wants to partner with the same people, his friends. My enemies. I sigh.

4 hours later, we have our next event. Involvement Fair. Where our clubs table and recruit members. Where does Harris want to set up our table? Next to “Heart’s” organization- where his attractive all female executive board have arrived. I give “Harris” a look. Our executive board arrives too and Harris asks them if they’re cool setting up our stuff at “Heart’s” recruitment table. They say yes. Harris laughs at me, “You’ve been outnumbered.”

I beg your pardon. At that moment, the Treasurer of my club found a nice table in a very crowded area. We went there and started recruiting. We danced, we sang, we played music. 50 students signed up! I was so happy.

As the fair was ending, “Heart” came to our table.

” Shahz Take that thing off your—!”he says and stops.

“My what?” I say giving him a mean look.

I had tied a kaffiyeh (scarf) around my hips.

“That is for your neck. Not your …hips!” he says.

I roll my eyes at him. Once again “Harris” and him started talking. Both our executive boards mingled. I can’t tell if one girl is holding him or if he’s holding her. But I don’t even care.

As I know how he feels about me AND from the corner of my eye, I swear to god I see “Prince Player”.

I quickly take the scarf off my hips, I want to talk to him and I am of course- approached by Mr. Photography dude.

“What are you doing?” he says to me after he says hi to my executive board.

“Not now” I say.

“I just saw your man” he says laughing.

“Which one?” I ask as he doesn’t even know what Prince Player looks like.

“Oh my god. You’re awful” he says nodding to “Heart”.

Duh of course. I look around, player (or someone who looked like player) is gone.

Now I definitely want to go home. But my executive board is still sticking around so…I stay. Finally, “Heart” and his girls leave. So I talk to my executive board and I am done for the day. When I get home I do some more planning for the club, pay my tuition, and finally finish my syllabus.

I’m about to go out when my phone buzzes. It is a random number.


I wonder who it is, is it one of the students I recruited at the fair today? And then I guess my phone must have lost signal for a while because a minute later I see the name on my screen- IT’S PRINCE PLAYER!  Holy moly it’s about time.

I say hello, he apologizes for not texting earlier, and asks me how it’s going.

I tell him. And then as I still haven’t gotten an answer to my previous question, I ask him how he’s doing.

tumblr_ls0m6rq4Lh1qlgcedo1_500He never responds.

Why does he do this to me 😦 The way he was looking at me a week ago won’t leave my memory.

All’s fair in love and politics.

xoxo. S.

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