Everything Has Changed

I woke up Sunday morning after a long night with my friends missing my family more than ever and confused over “Prince Player”. But I had no time to mope, I had a meeting with my Executive Board for my club and several friends to see. As these meetings went by, I got more and more sad.

After I saw my last friend at 8:00, I go for a long walk. I needed to clear my head. As I’m walking, I feel my phone buzz three times. That’s rather strange. When I grab my phone, I’m in shock. I have 2 texts from “Prince Player”. And 1 from my mom.

Player is rather direct. I sit on a bench and read his messages. “What are you doing? Can I explain?”

My mom is also direct. “Call me”

I sigh. I call my mom and text player at the same time.

My mom informs me that the dream house we wanted to buy in Texas failed the inspection and we will have to continue living in the tiny rental apartment. Disappointing.

Player informs me that he can text me, call me, or come see me with his explanation, but I probably don’t want to see him or hear him. I get scared. What could he possibly have to say that would make him think that I don’t want to see him or hear him? I prepare for the worst. And if it’s as bad as I was thinking it was, I wanted him to tell me in person. At the same time, my mom is venting about our relocation issue and I know the call will not be ending soon. I tell player to give me some time, and he does. When I have soothed my mom and walked back to my place, I let player know I’m ready.

When I get the call that he’s here, I wait for him outside the elevator. It felt like…a very long wait. And then I heard the loud noise an elevator makes when someone arrives on your floor, and there he was. Player. We say hello and he asks me for a hug. I’m skeptical but, I give him one anyway. As we walk to my place, he jumps into his explanation right away.

“I had a friend visiting from *abroad and I haven’t seen him in a long time. And by the time I saw your message, it was too late.”

I look a him. My jaw was on the floor. That was it? So…he wasn’t with another girl? Oh my goodness.

I laugh, “Why didn’t you just tell me?? I would have told you to go and have fun!” I say as we walk into my place.

“I know but yesterday was our day and you’re my friend and I haven’t seen you in a long time but I hadn’t seen him in a REALLY long time” he says.

I’m still laughing at how I cried for nothing the night before…”You had me so worried!”

He laughs, “Did you think I was with a girl or something?”

I laugh and smirk “No way”. (That was a lie.)

We laugh. He asks me if I plan on coming over to his side. I was standing on the other side of the room because…I wanted to give him space. I didn’t want to do something that he would later feel bad about.

When I don’t go over to his side, we continue talking.

It’s sad. He is talking more about our friendiversary the night before and what the past three years mean to us.

At one point things are getting heated and my eyes are misty. I say, “It’s just…you were a big part of my life and you probably don’t feel that way about me but-” I can’t even finish. I feel I might cry.

Before I can think he says, “No I do. You were a big part of my life too.”

His phone buzzes but he just flips it over and stares at me.

I feel all kinds of stars in my head and butterflies in my stomach.

We talk some more. He says we need to create boundaries, that whatever happens between us does not mean we are boyfriend and girlfriend. “Maybe in the future but not now” he says. I agree. Almost all the things “Heart” told me… It was strange. But I was just happy that he was there.

Even he noticed. He told me that I seem different. I laughed and asked him what he meant.

“You’re so bubbly! You were this shy girl” he says.

I laugh and tell him that I’m just still shocked over what he was really doing on our friendiversary.

We laugh and he changes the topic. He asks me how move in was.

“Oh my god! It was so hard! Look I have bruises!” I walk over to him and show him that giant marks on my shoulder.

And then he looked at me and pulled me close. I couldn’t resist.

And everything changed in a heartbeat.

xoxo. S.


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