National Girlfriend’s Day-Let’s Talk About Cholesterol 

It’s been another busy week of house hunting and planning for back to school stuff. I was planning on posting every day, but my temporary apartment’s wifi stopped working after I wrote the last daily prompt! It’s still down and I’ve been trying to keep up by using up all my cell phone data 😉 So please excuse any typos in this post! 🙂

Anyways, did you know August 1st was National Girlfriend’s Day? This week, I found out about a campaign by Oscar Health Insurance to talk about how you can stay healthy with the help and support of your friends!

 Last year, I found out I had cholesterol during my annual blood work during spring break.

I panicked. How could it be?? I was only 20, how did I already have cholesterol?? I thought back to my eating habits from January-April.

And then I figured it out. That was the time that I was in love with “Heart” (also heartbroken by him), taking my hardest class yet (Chemistry), and getting over my family’s relocation to Colorado. When I was stressing over “Heart” after a long day, I would have a Ben and Jerry’s. When I was so busy studying for Chemistry, I would order a lot of delivery. And when I was missing my family- I would lay in bed and do nothing.

All of that eating and non-active ness really added up! My doctor told me to start a low carb/low fat diet and that she would re-evaluate my cholesterol. Meh. I was less than excited but it’s what had to be done.

4 months later, when I went back to get my cholesterol checked- I got a call from my doctor a few hours later and I could hear the happiness in her voice, “Outstanding news! Your cholesterol has dropped down by a lot! You no longer have cholesterol!!” I was soooo happy. The first people I told were my friends because they really helped me! And here is how:

1.) They taught me about this thing called almond butter- Behold. Instead of reaching for that Ben and Jerry’s at night, I would grab some apples and almond butter! This filled me up better and I actually emotionally felt better after I ate it! 🙂

2.) They would order panini’s and grilled chicken sandwiches at dinner- For dinner we always stop by at this place in the student center that sells burgers, chicken sandwhiches, chicken tenders, tarot tots, waffle fries- you name it. Everything there was fried and that’s what I was ordering everyday.   The only thing that wasn’t fried were their panini’s and grilled chicken sandwhiches. I started ordering those and again, I could feel my body feeling better. Of course, my friends would not turn down fries or the cookies they had at the payment counter so they still ate that. But still, sitting right next to those would be a cup of grapes, pineapple slices or some other fruit so I would opt for those 🙂

3.) I started going to the gym three times a week- My immediate friends didn’t always come with me because we all had different schedules, but I did make lots of other friends in my spinning class or while doing whatever work out I was doing.

4.) They would respond to my snapchats- This is a really simple thing, but it means a lot to me. One time I sent a snapchat with a photo of a cookie saying “I’m gonna do it :0”. And one of my friends snap chatted back saying “Don’t”. And I said “You don’t understand I miss “Heart” so much”. And she responded, “He’s a jerk. Go eat a carrot or something ;)” I put that cookie down immediately.

And that was that 🙂 Check out the info pamphlet provided by Oscar Insurance to see how you can keep yourself and your friends healthy! And if you’re in the area and want to learn more about them, be sure to check out their health insurance plans in New Jersey and New York. Stay healthy friends!

xoxo. S.

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