I Must Be Dreaming

“I love that house so much! I had a dream we were drinking a Bloody Mary by the pool” my mom said a few mornings ago about the house we saw while house hunting. “What did you dream about last night Shaz?”

Uh. Nothing I can say at the breakfast table that’s for sure.

“Prince Player”. I had. The most intimate dream I have ever had about him yet. At that point it had been almost a week since we last spoke and I think my mind was going nuts. Right as I was moping around over him not talking to me…. I got a message from him and HEART on Friday.

Oh heavens.

Player messaged me first. He said he was sorry he’s been unresponsive lately, his family just moved and he’s been helping them. This is what I love about player. WE HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON. I’ve been busy lately too because of the same exact reason!

Then it was “Heart”. “Hey baby!” he said. I said “Hi”. He said he misses me and asked me when I’m returning to Chicago.

I answered all his questions. But I didn’t pay too much attention. He hurt me a lot this past year, he used me, and I’m still wiping away tears from it.

I became so tense. I open a box of European cookies my mom bought be in celebration of completing my internship. I ask both “Prince Player” and “Heart” if they would still like me when I’m fat.

First player responded. “No judgements. I’m so out of shape”

Then it was ‘Heart’s’ turn. “Haha yes. Eat all you want no worries’

I sigh and smile.

How lucky I am, to have two people that once cared about me. And one that loved me.

I assure “Prince Player” that he isn’t out of shape and thank “Heart”.

Over the past few days I stop talking to “Heart”, but continue conversing with player. Player calls me beautiful and makes me laugh every few days.

I must be dreaming.

xoxo. S.


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