The Last Week

I’m laughing and putting my face into his chest. He caresses my back and-

The alarm on my phone goes off at 6:00. Damn it. It was only a dream.

I lay in bed and try to remember his face. It’s Prince Player’s. Oh dear god.

As if he hasn’t been on my mind enough already.

I’m amused with how much he’s been listening to me and talking to me lately. This internship just keeps getting harder and harder and his messages are a nice way to start/end my day.

I have reached the last week of my internship. I just wanted to go home since the day I got here.

Home is where my family is. But home, is also where my work, school, love, and friends reside. Home is in two different places, but I’m excited to return to both places.

The last week.

xoxo. S.


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