How’s it going my love?

Well, that’s one way to wake me up.

I think the stars have finally aligned and things are finally going the way I want it to with…”Prince Player”.

Yes. Player. Not “Heart”, but player.

It’s been a terrible 1 and a half weeks. My supervisor’s supervisor heard about my flu and not getting a day off. Surprisingly, he was upset. Very upset. He said I should have called him and he would have found someone to cover my class and if he couldn’t find someone, he would have personally covered my class himself. He said he would have a “chat” with my supervisor and that he is so sorry I was treated this way.

As things were slowly starting to get well, one of my students fell ill as I was going to sleep on Wednesday night. I had to get up and take care of her all night and go with her to the clinic with her in the morning. It was a long night. Earlier that day, “Heart” finally texted in a month. I was eating dinner in the dining hall and I thought he wanted to FaceTime. So I quickly ate and rushed back to my dorm. And then he said, he’s actually at work and was just texting to “check up” on me. And he randomly stopped texting me although he started the conversation. What the heck. He always gets my hopes up. Even when I told him things have been bad lately, he didn’t bother to ask exactly what was wrong. Or listen.

Then of course, as I waited all night for him to respond- this thing with my student happened and I was exhausted. My head hit the pillow as soon as I got back to my room. Usually I send player a message before I go to sleep, just because. But that night, I didn’t. So when I woke up the next morning- this is the message I read.

“How’s it going my love?”

I let out a long sigh. It was sent at 1 in the morning right after I passed out. It’s nice he was thinking of me right as I was drowning. And it’s actually been consistent for the past few days. Really. I’m amused. Unlike “Heart”. He gets what I’m going through at the moment. He’s listening. He’s cheering me up. He’s there for me. For once.

I wonder if this is the year where things will work out for us. I try not to think about it too much. What if he’s still a player? What if he does this with all his other girl friends? I’m scared. Because every time I get my hopes up about him, they end up getting crushed.

belong with meToday was my day off and to end my restful day, I went out  with another RA to get frozen custard. As we walk back, we hear some students loudly singing “You Belong With Me”. The song I would angrily sing to myself freshman year when I liked player and he would barely give me the time of day. Good grief.

Anyways. How’s it going? Oh. It’s going.

Only one more week and this internship will be over ❤

xoxo. S.


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