A Rough Week in Chemistry (continued!)

Yesterday, I was explaining to my parents the very drastic policies my internship has and my supervisor’s refusal for me to take a sick day. My dad suggested I say “F*** you” and come back home :0 Alright daddy… I could practically see my mom rolling her eyes in the background.

But today morning, I couldn’t believe it. That is exactly what I wanted to tell my supervisor! My condition got worse overnight as I woke up to throw up several times. I went on over to my supervisor’s office to let him know that I need to go to a walk in clinic right way and he said I better wait until my class and duty is over at 4:00. What the heck? Did he not see my pale face and understand I have been throwing up most of the night and part of the morning? And wasn’t he the one that told me last night that “of course” I can go see a doctor. He said he forgot that I had duty. “‘I don’t know what to tell you” my supervisor says. “Someone needs to teach and watch your kids today”. And you think someone with a terrible flu is the right person to do that???? Maybe the reason why I got sick in the first place is because I have been forced to work 16hours a day without a day off and my body is overwhelmed :0

“Sue their a**”” my phone buzzed a few minutes later and that is what my dad’s text says in response to what I told him about not being able to get time off to see a doctor. Yes thank you father…Not gonna help my current situation.

I waited until 4pm and finally got permission to visit the walk in clinic. I was indeed diagnosed with the flu, I must have caught it from a student. I didn’t even bother to tell my supervisor and boss. They won’t care.

So I came back to my residence hall…and a few people do care. My residents made me a card and left some snacks by my room ❤ My co-RA (yes the one whose date I politely declined) who has been promoted to activities resident director told me he placed me on chaperone duty for a movie this weekend (EASIEST CHAPERONE DUTY EVER!) because he heard I had the flu. He also took over one of my shifts I couldn’t cover because I was too sick.

“Stop using him.”

“What the hell? I am not!” I tell Mr. Photography dude as I update him on my week in Skype.

“He’s kind of doing the stuff you do for Prince Player and Heart….” he says.

“And what the heck is this stuff?!?” I ask.

“He’s using his power to please you and make you like him” Mr. Photgraphy dude says raising his eyebrows.

Holy shit.

“Think about it. You always use your power to please Prince Player and Heart. You participate in panels player invites you to speak at, you help “Heart” with his papers because you have TA’d for the class before, yup” Mr. Photography dude says.

I sit in shock. “Okay that’s different! Both of them asked me when they needed these things! I didn’t ask this dude for anything…he offered it to me!”

“To make you like him” Mr. Photography dude says matter of factly.

Uh oh.

“I’d be careful if I were you, Sad Beauty” he says. “Have you talked to player yet?”

Oh crap. Prince Player. Wait what am I saying crap for? He didn’t respond to my last message…

“He didn’t respond to my last message” I say.

“Give it time” he says. “Maybe he’s just busy. And you’re sick anyways. Work on getting better and your lesson plans. Then worry about him.”

I nod and we say bye. I close my eyes and think about the most wisest thing Prince Player ever said to me.

“I just thought you needed space!”

“Why would I need space?” I asked as my face flushed.

“It’s just…you do so much for others and I thought you would need time to yourself” he said.

Here’s what he didn’t understand. I am not myself without him, my other friends, and my family.

And that is what has been so difficult about being a TA and RA for AP Chem. It has taken away time that I could be spending with them.

A rough week in Chemistry.

xoxo. S.


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