A Rough Week in Chemistry

I feel my entire body burning up. I have a fever and I have absolutely no “time off” to go see a doctor.I have two angry parents who demand I talk to my boss and ask for paid time off to visit a walk in clinic tomorrow :0

As if things really couldn’t be awful already. Yesterday, after I got back from teaching class and my night duty, I tried Prince Player again to see if we could FaceTime. He didn’t respond to my message. Why do I get my hopes up every time he talks to me :/ And then, I see all these girls flirting with “Heart” on social media.chemistry

Oy vey. Today in Chem, my students were learning about reactions. The only reaction I could think of was the reaction I get when Prince Player/Heart lays a hand on me.

When I got home, I turn mif you wanted to talk to mey phone off. I didn’t want to try Prince Player for the forth time. If he wants to talk to me, he can. So can “Heart”. And they know that.

A few hours later, I started to feel a totally different reaction. My fever.

Suddenly, I could not get out of my bed for my night shift. I feel my face burning, lymph nodes in my neck, and the rest of my body very cold. I call my parents and they tell me to go see a doctor. I cry and tell them that the only day I got permission to do that is on Friday. That made my dad very upset. He said if I have to wait that long to see a doctor, I should resign, come back home, and work somewhere where people don’t make their interns work this hard :0

So I texted my supervisor. I told him how awful I felt and that if things don’t get better, I will go to a walk-in-clinic tomorrow. Surprisingly, he texted back, “Of course, no questions asked.”

I called my parents and told them the news. My dad was very happy and said I better not teach tomorrow and get myself over to the clinic.


xoxo. S.


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