Well, we tried…

What do I have to do to have a conversation with “Prince Player” these days?

Of course, my communication with “Heart” ended as quickly as it started, I had been so down. Then, these past few days, Prince Player and I started talking again. I was shocked by how much we’ve been messaging each other and how much I actually miss him. I suggested we FaceTime, player happily agreed and said he would be free on Sunday. I knew Sunday would be my hell day. AND IT WAS.

Sunday, the second session of this summer camp began. That means new students, new parents, new hall decorations, and a new class. From 7 am to 11pm, I was getting all my kids settled and dealing with parental concerns. I witnessed several crying kids and snobby parents. Holy crap, it’s wasn’t even the first day of classes! I tried to keep my cool as much as possible because I knew Prince Player and I would FaceTime later. And I was happy about that.

I also bumped into the other RA who…asked me on a date. I politely explained that although I don’t really have a boyfriend- I’m very confused right now with the men in my life and I don’t really see him as more than a friend. He understood, he said all he really wanted to do was take a walk with me. Well, one time, I took a walk with player. Look how that turned out…

As soon as I put my kids to bed, I messaged player saying that I was off duty. No response. I decide to work on submitting grades for my students from the last session. After I’m done, it’s way past midnight and player still hasn’t responded. Suddenly, my anxiety gets on an all time high. I start to panic about the new class I’m TAing (AP Chem) and about my fatigue.

I crawl into my bed and bury myself in sheets. I miss my family, my friends, and really- my life.

I put my phone on “do not disturb” and go to bed.

The next morning, I felt better but totally not ready to go teach class. I look at my phone, it’s a notification from Prince Player!

His message was sent at 2 in the morning. He says that he forgot that I was in a different time zone and how we will FaceTime tomorrow night for sure. Okay. Sure player.


I let out a long sigh and pull up my bra straps. It’s a big day. First day of class. I can’t let the little things bother me. I do my make-up and head to AP Chem. It was actually a great day. My students are awesome and the course isn’t too complicated…yet. All my anxiety faded away, and again I was looking forward to FaceTiming with Prince Player later.

Once again, after hours of hard work, I finally put my kids to bed- and message player. I wait.

An hour passes. I message him again.

He responds!

And so I see his call coming in. I answer. It disconnects us.

What the heck.

He tries calling me again. It disconnects us. I call him, it disconnects us.

bad timingWhy.

Talk about bad timing 😦

And so. He says we can try again today.

Okay then. Round three.

xoxo. S.


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