A strange week …in love and work

I wanted romance this summer but definitely not at my internship…

It has been yet another crazy week with the kids. As if things couldn’t get any crazier…yesterday I got a text. It was from a co-worker who is also an RA. This guy is an awesome friend, no more no less. His text started out by asking why I’m up so late. And then it went into him telling me about an update for work. And then all of a sudden, he spits out “Hey you want to hang out sometime?”

Uhh…What? What? Why oh why do I lead people on without meaning it 😦 Nooooo I do not want to hang out. I am trying to get over “Heart” and trying to get back whatever it is I had with “Prince Player” and enjoy our last year together! Plus, this guy is my colleague…at a place where we work with kids…it wouldn’t look right!

I didn’t respond to the text. I’m nervous. I see this guy at our daily morning staff meetings, breakfast, lunch dinner, and during our weekend duties. What have I gotten myself into :0

Things had actually been going well this week. The other day, right as my long night shift was ending, I got a message from “Prince Player”.

“Hi” it says.

My eyebrows raise. “Hi!” I type back.

I wait patiently. I see the notification for his response message and my supervisor walks in. I politely chat and wait until he leaves.

I open up player’s message. “I miss you <3” it says.

He what?!? 🙂 ❤ My heart started beating fast.

I type back that I miss him too. And then I wait.

And wait.

And wait some more.

But he never responded :/

Oh well. It was good to get assurance from him I guess. Of course “Heart” still hasn’t spoken to me.

“Tell me again why you get more excited about player’s messages more than ‘Heart’s?” Mr. Photography dude says on Skype.

we were goood togetherI roll my eyes. “BECAUSEEEEE. Heart keeps treating me like the plague and telling me to get over him while player actually acknowledges his actions and his own feelings for me and treats me like a human being!”

He nods.

We hang up and I watch “The Good Wife”. It was a cute episode where Alicia and Will get back from a fancy event and Alicia tells Will, “We were good together”. Oh I miss those moments with player ❤ Sometimes.

xoxo. S.


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