Summer Camp

I don’t think I have ever worked 16-20 hours A DAY in my life before. Until this week. All day, every day. On Tuesday, I officially started my internship as a teaching assistant and resident advisor at a nearby university. Kids from all over the world come for this “camp” every summer for 6 weeks. That’s right, I will be on call 24/7 and working 16 hours a day for the next…6 weeks.

WHAT A WEEK. Most of these 16 hours have been filled with training and decorating my residence hall. I have never felt busier. I even had to miss the blogiversary of our fellow blogger Paul at The Captain’s Speech!

The first few days weren’t that bad. And, I also got to talk to “Prince Player” in between. For once, he was responsive to my messages and kept me sane. I landed back in Chicago around 1:00 Tuesday and training went from 5:00-9:00. So far so good I thought.  It is Wednesday when all of the madness started. 6:00 am-11:00 pm was non-stop training. You could imagine it was difficult to wake up Thursday. When training again, lasted from 6:00 am-11:00 pm. I passed out immediately when I got into my dorm. Around 3:00am, I hear my phone vibrate. I panic and think it’s about one of my students. But I look at the screen, holy moly.

It is “Heart”. “Hi!”

“Hi….” I text back.

“How are you, how have you been?”

“Busy” I text back.

“Are you busy now?”

Is he for real :0 “No…but I’m sleeping. I have to be up at 6!”

He tells me to go back to sleep. I text back “Good night :)”

And then. He dares to text back, “Unless…you want to Skype”.

He can’t be serious. I put my phone on do not disturb and go back to sleep. When I was awake again at 6:00 for work, I texted him back. We talked for a while. We joke that there is no way he can see me this summer as I am not allowed to have any visitors and am on call 24/7. And everyday I get home, I just pass out. It might be a good thing, keeping myself busy will prevent me from talking to him. I suggest we talk through text and Skype but he doesn’t respond. Oh well. Player stopped responding to my messages too. It’s okay.

Yesterday was starting out to be a better day. Although I had to get up again at 6:00, I was at least given a two hour break to well this has been funsit unlike the other days. But later at 11:00, when we were released from training- the director came by. She had some critiques about our hall, she didn’t like it. My co resident advisers and I got up from bed…and remade everything. Around 1:30, we finished.

Our director stopped by to look at it again in the morning. She liked it! So got 6:00 am-7:00 pm off 🙂 Finally, I have caught up on my sleep! But the 6:00am to 11:00 pm schedule starts again tomorrow 😦

Help me.

xoxo. S.

One thought on “Summer Camp

  1. I’m working at a summer camp too and just went through training this past week. Sooo exhausted. All I do is eat, sleep, and go to camp.

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