The Season Finale (How Junior Year Really Ended)

Continued from: Plot Twist- Junior Year Did Not End the Way Freshman Year Did

I knew “Heart” wouldn’t do what “Prince Player” did to me freshman year. I knew he wouldn’t play me, ignore me for months, and then leave for the Summer without saying goodbye. No matter what his best friend Harris said.

But if what “Harris” said is true, it is not worth my time to see him. I call Z and ask her what she thinks I should do. She says that she knows I want to see him, so I should just let him come see me, and she will stand by me even if I make a stupid decision.

So I tell “Heart” I’m free and quickly go put on makeup. 15 minutes later, he is at my place. He smiles at me and goes to get our “celebration wine” from my hiding place. We take a sip and embrace. What is he doing? He’s treating me like I’m the only woman in the world.

get over itWe lay down and he mentions that we should use this summer to try to get over each other. Considering the way he’s been treating me lately, I agree with him for once.

We’re both serious about it, that he makes me pinky promise! And I do because I’m serious too.

“Whenever I see you in public. My heart beats fast and gah I go crazy!” he says. I smile.That would explain why he reacted the way he did at the election. He will never know the way I feel when I see him in public.

“Harris said all you did yesterday was ask about me” he says changing the subject. Bastard. Where the heck is Harris’s loyalty?

I admit it. “Well yea because I was hoping to see you and I kept waiting for you!”

He explains he was with a friend who was viting from Michigan.

“You treat me like I’m your last priority” I say.

He’s shocked. “What? Shahz. Why would you say that? Talk to me. You are not my last priority.”

“We always do things according to your schedule. And then you’ll text me randomly when you are finally free and I have to drop everything I’m doing!”

“Shahz, you could always tell me ‘no’ you know? And I’ll come back later” he says.

“No you won’t. You’ll make me wait. And go do this with other girls” I respond. Wait what? I didn’t mean for that to slip out!

“What the heck are you talking about? I’m not with other girls” he says offended. As we say in Arabic, Alhamduillah. I knew Harris was lying! Or is “Heart” lying? :0

In the past, when I have confronted a player on their “scandalous” behavior, they have admitted to it. “Heart” seemed genuinely offended I would think that.

I feel better, but I try not to buy what he’s saying. Why would Harris make up something like that? I know “Heart” and him have been flaky lately…but would they really do that kind of revenge to each other?

Whatever. I’ll worry about this later. Right now, “Heart” is here to say goodbye to me.

He says that he heard I became Vice President (at the event he didn’t clap me for me at) and Harris became President of our club. And then he mentions he recently got elected as President of his club and that he will be collaborating with us a lot. I give him a look.

“Don’t worry. When we come back to school, I’ll be busy with my internship, school, and my own club so I won’t come to your club then” he says winking.

I smile and laugh. It really stinks that two people who love each other are trying their best to avoid each other.

He tells me to let him know how my internship is going (I probably won’t) and that he will be working on a film this summer and sharing it on Facebook so I should watch it (I might).

We wish each other well and we go our separate ways.

I’m distracted by even more packing and my Psychology paper, but I didn’t cry this time and finished the Psychology paper a minute before it was due. And that is how Junior year really ended 🙂

xoxo. S.


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