The Way Junior Year Ended the Way Freshman Year Did

I just took my last final, and have two more essay to write. And I just spent almost the entire day with “Heart’s” best friend.

It was supposed to be spent with “Heart”, but he didn’t want me. Right after I published the last post, I got a text from him on Sunday! We agreed to meet up today so we can finish his paper and say our goodbyes. I worked hard on Sunday and studied my butt off yesterday for my final, I was looking forward to seeing him as soon as my final ended at 11 am.

But 11 am arrived and I had no texts from him. I could see he was online on social media, but really, nothing. Eventually, I fell asleep. When I woke up at 3- I received a message from his best friend, Harris. He wanted to know if I can help him his paper. Strange, where the heck was “Heart”? I was supposed to be helping him with his paper, not his best friend! I decide to ask Harris where “Heart” is, as they do come to school and go home together. He says that Harris and him have been on campus since 11 and just left to go work on his paper with the professor.

TRAITOR. First he had about 4 hours to spend time with me, and then…he decided not to get my opinion on the paper that I helped him with?

So I ask Harris to text “Heart” if he would be okay with Harris coming over and me helping him. Immediately, “Heart” texted him saying “go”.

What. Really? Then I tell Harris to wait and text “Heart” myself asking if he will be coming over. He says “maybe later” on account of he was with the professor.

So I allow Harris to come over and I help him. Hours go by and “Heart” keeps on texting him with updates that he is with friends or blah blah blah. Not one single message to me. I try to get Harris to tell me what the heck “Heart” is up to and if he is with other girls, he refuses to tell me anything.

When it starts to get dark outside I ask Harris why the heck “Heart” isn’t coming over and why he hasn’t texted me, he says something that turns my world upside down.

“He has a lot of girls you know….”

My heart sinks. “What?” I ask.

“Face it. He didn’t want to come over this week to say goodbye to you, he just wanted to know what to write for the final paper. But now, he realized he can just go to Professor’s office hours for that- so he decided he didn’t need you.”

I am about to cry. When his phone buzzes again, it is a Snapchat from someone. I ask who it’s from.

He laughs and says “You don’t want to know…it’s from one of his girlfriends”. He opens the Snapchat and shows it to me. She’s not even that pretty.

I ask how this is even possible. “Are you telling me. That he is intimate with me one week, and he is intimate with some other girl the next week?”

Harris nods.

I feel like I’m going to puke, “That’s disgusting.”

“It is disgusting. And I didn’t want to tell you, and I’m not supposed to tell you, but you helped me with my paper so….”

I shake my head. After he leaves, I open up the wine I reserved for “Heart” and I.

Great. Another guy who turned out to be a “player”, and another game I lost.

Why did this year have to be just like freshman year? Somehow, I knew this would happen 😦

xoxo. S.

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