Raining on My Parade: In Love and Politics

That son of a gun. How dare “Heart” ruin my election win :0 Wait, I should start from the beginning. First, hello reader, how are you? Sorry I haven’t updated for a while. This “Heart” situation and finals week is driving me crazy.

Anyways, it all started out on Sunday.


A message from “Heart”. Fabulous. He asks if I can help him with his paper for class on Monday. We’ve been good lately so I say yes. I sleep peacefully and wake up early in the morning to a text.

“I’m so sick. Like going to the emergency room sick.”

Oh dear. I tell him to rest up and he can just swing by on Tuesday or whenever he feels better. So Tuesday comes. He texts me first (rare) and confirms he’ll be stopping by.We work on his paper and spend time with each other. It was cute. I finally told him about my internship, my family’s move to Texas, and everything that’s been bugging me. Unlike everyone else, he soothed me instead of asking me a billion questions. Then, he had to go to class :/ But he said he will make sure to stop by on Thursday to say goodbye because he won’t be on campus next week (move-out week). He says we will drink wine and celebrate.

So I get excited. I mean hey, it’s a rare opportunity to spend time with him twice a week. I thought it was too good to be true (and it was).

Anyways, that night I bumped into “Prince Player”. I ALWAYS bump into “Prince Player” after something good happens between me and “Heart”. It’s as if I’m being tested. And our interaction is rather awkward. Right after we say hi to each other, we bump into one of his guy friends. They talk about Sangria. Interesting convo but we are reaching my gate and I really want to talk to player and know if he will say goodbye to me before I leave. When we reach my gate, he finally stops and says bye to his friend. Now it’s just us two. I ask why he’s ignoring me. He denies it. I ask him why he hates me. He says it’s because I hate him. Here we go again. Soon, I realize our convo isn’t going anywhere. And it’s not worth it to see him again before I leave. So we say bye. And I’m somewhat okay because I know I’ll be spending time with “Heart” on Thursday (or so I thought).

Thursday (Election Day):

So Thursday is a big day. One because it was the last day “Heart” and I would get time together before I head back home and two because I was running for Vice President of our club! I wake up and see no texts from him. I text him and he says he can’t come over at the moment because “some things came up”. He says he will try to come later in the evening and let me know if he can’t make it.

The clock ticks and I see no messages from him as the hours go by. Eventually, it’s time for me to forget him- I have to get to my election!

I walk in and my friends in the club are congratulating me. Even “Heart’s” best friend. I’m having a great time.

10 minutes later, “Heart” walks in. What the heck?

Everyone is staring at him, but he comes over to me first.

He hugs me. I stand with my arms crossed. “Why didn’t you come over?” I whisper.

People are listening and this isn’t safe. “I was busy. Really busy” he whispers back and goes to another girl (who has been eying us the entire time) immediately.

Oh I see. He was too busy to come say goodbye to me but he wasn’t so busy to come to my election!!!?

I see him give the other girl a hug. She says something about seeing him after the meeting. WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHAT????

I have no time to give them a piece of my mind as the current President tells everyone to sit down as it is time to pass out awards and announce the new executive board of our club.

The normal people like “Heart” and the other girl gets their “Participation” awards first. Everyone, including myself claps. Really, I meant it when I clapped for them.

loyaltyThen, it was my turn. I get a very special award for “Outstanding Commitment to Leadership, Service and Scholarship” and get officially announced as Vice President. “Heart’s” best friend start clapping loudly for me. What does “Heart” and the other girl do? They ignore me and talk to each other the entire time :0


I am his woman! He should be proud and clapping the way his best friend did for me! Where is his loyalty???

Oh hey, he never had it. At least not towards me.

Right after everyone gets their awards, he announces he has to go to work. Everyone says bye and this girl follows him out the door asking about when he’s coming to see her.

Really? Really? Really?

What a great start to being Vice President.


xoxo. S.


10 thoughts on “Raining on My Parade: In Love and Politics

  1. I wouldn’t worry about him. Think of him as a pit stop to true happiness. Men don’t like being ignored. Go all summer not worrying about him and go out with other men when you get back to school. Act as though he’s not a factor in your life. Which he isn’t. Congratulations on the win and good luck for ending your year!

    • Oh I must have missed this comment! Thank you dear 🙂 This year did end a little better than I thought, not with him but in terms of academics…which is obviously more important 🙂

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