One Big Headache

Well then, this was quite a week. On Tuesday, I wake up ready to go back to school from the restful Memorial Day weekend. My fever has gotten better and it was easy to wake up for class. We watched “Groundhog Day” in class and it was hilarious. So far so good.

I come home to take a nap when I get a text from my mother. I am having a nightmare that I bit “Prince Player” (and not in the cute way that I do to ‘Heart’ but actually tried to hurt him kind of bite). I rub my eyes and look at the text.

“Do not use you credit card. It has been cancelled because someone tried to use it Canada.”

WHAT? WHAT??? IDENTITY THEFT???? EEEP!!!! I call my mom and demand an explanation. Once again, she tells me that someone got a hold of my credit card info and tried to use it in Canada. WHO IS USING MY CARD IN CANADA? Note, I have a lot of Canadian readers (shout out to Paul at Captain’s Speech) this is in no way a reference to you guys.

But yes, all my credit cards have been cancelled until my company issues me a new one 😦 #Headache#1

On Thursday, I see “Heart” at a barbecue. We say hi to each other and he ignores me. #Headache#2 I wonder to myself why “Prince Player” and I haven’t talked in a while. When I get home after a long frustrating day, I see my roommate and her boyfriend on the couch. #Headache#3

alicia florrikYesterday, I had a long day of work ahead. I wake up at 8:00, walk around in my lingerie, only to notice the roommate’s boyfriend in the kitchen. EEP! #Headache#4. When I finally get home from work, I politely tell her to give me a heads up next time he decides to spend the night. She scowls “I’m sorry!” Jesus. Is it too hard of a request? Did she really think she could abuse the roommate agreement that said to ask for permission when guests need to stay (especially sleep) at our place? #Headache#5

What a week! Mercury retrograde is not working in my favor….I have one big headache. Why am I such a mess 😦


9 thoughts on “One Big Headache

  1. Oh no! I apologize on behalf of Canadians for that. As soon as you said someone in Canada was using it, I was already preparing my “It wasn’t me!” comment…then I got a shout out! I hope everything gets sorted out. Find time for a nap, those always help!

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