An Odd Week: In Love and Sickness

“You wanna sip?” Harris asks.

What the hell am I doing talking to “Heart’s” best friend in Starbucks?

It’s Thursday morning and I am battling a cold. I am in desperate need for a hot coffee when I see a familiar face in the line. Shit. It’s him.

He waves to me. I toss my hair and walk over to him.

“Hey” I say smiling. He pulls me in for a hug and smiles, “How are you?”

I cut straight to the chase and put my finger on his chest. “Don’t be telling your best friend that I’m flirting with you!!!”

His face falls, “What? I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

I’m dumbfounded. My face falls too. “Heart said that you said that I was flirting with you!”

He laughs. “He’s an asshole. I never fuckin said that. He’s crazy you know that?”

I wink at him. “Of course I do.”

He laughs even more, “Well I’m crazy too.”

I laugh with him, “We’re all crazy. Hey what is that, it looks good.” He’s holding something green and iced.

Ahhh and then he asks me the question. “You wanna sip?”

Millions of thoughts run through my mind. Is it alright to take a sip of your man’s best friend’s drink? Putting your saliva that you share with him on it?

He see’s my face. “What? It’s not like I have Ebola!”

Oh god. He just doesn’t get it does he?

So I take it. I forget to mention I have a cold. Oh well 😉 I take a sip and look at him.

“It’s good!” I say. He smiles and nods. And then I swallow it. And there’s a nasty taste. “Ew! Wait what is this? Green tea?”

He nods and laughs, “What do you mean ew? You said it was good!”

“Yea! It has a strange aftertaste!” I say laughing. We both laugh and then he has to get to class.

As if things could not get any more strange, I get a message from “Heart” barely 30 minutes later. He comes to see me. Unfortunately, he stays for barely 25 minutes because I am very sick and he has to go prepare for an event his organization was having. However, seeing him comforted me and kept me calm all throughout Friday which was my toughest day this week.

“How did it go?” Mr. Photography dude and I are heading to the airport Friday afternoon. I’m going home for my parent’s annual Memorial Day Weekend celebration and he’s heading to Tennessee.

He’s asking about my presentation I just had to give for this organization I am in.

I shrug. It really didn’t help that my voice was partially gone and my nose was running.

“Was he there?” he asks. He’s talking about player. Who indeed was there.

I nod.

fever“Did he say anything to you?” he asks.

Yup. “I need to go to the bathroom” and “Bye”.

He tries to comfort me, “It’s okay, he was probably just busy! Besides, your speech was very personal wasn’t it? He probably didn’t know what to say!”

We get in the taxi and I roll my eyes. “Honestly, I’m just glad I was able to get up there despite my 101 degree fever!” I say.

He laughs and says he was proud of me. He offers me Kleenex to blow my nose.

A few hours later, I arrived home in Colorado. Things are great here, I just wish I wasn’t so sick!

xoxo. S.


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