My hilarious screenplay, midterms, a few tears, boys, and other weekly musings!

I had a dream this week that I opened up my own Empanada store. Oy ve why won’t “Prince Player” leave me alone in my dreams! Anyways, I knew my week would not be so exciting when I found out my Epidemiology midterm score…And the next day, I was called a “thot”. It’s like middle school all over again.

I called my parents as I do daily. My dad could hear the depression in my silence, “It’s okay hun. You only have like a month left of school and then in a year…you’ll be done with all of it!” As much as my dad and I disagree, it was nice of him to say this.

I woke up yesterday with a little bit more positive energy. I got my other Health midterm score back and I had done really well! So Epidemiology was the only midterm I did bad on. It’s bad, but I had originally thought I was doing bad in two classes this quarter. So it is a relief.

We have began reading our screenplays in my screenwriting class. I suggest you refer to Plot Twist (literally!) if you don’t know what I am talking about. Our professor asked us to present our screenplays one by one. We would give a summary, and then students would volunteer to act it out. I went last.

“So…my screenplay is about this girl that can’t decide between two men in her life.” Class laughs.

Professor starts choosing people to be in my screenplay.

She casted this really snooty girl to play my character. I roll my eyes to myself.

She casts the hottest guy in class to play “Prince Player”. Yes good choice professor.

She casts this really sweet boy to play “Heart”. Again, very good choice professor.

She casts the bad boy in class to play “Heart’s” co-worker. Great choice.

And then she chooses the best actor in class to play fairygodmother. Again good choice.

All of them did a great job and read my screenplay exactly the way I wanted it to be read! My classmates were laughing throughout the whole thing and told me they loved it. After their comments, the professor asked if any of them have advice for me.

One guy raises his hand, “So…this main character. Is she seeing both of these guys at the same time? Or is one of them her sidepiece?”

Oh my. Um gee, Shahz….what do you think?

I give it my best. “Well…so the player is her former lover. And the other guy is her new lover.”

Everyone nods. And the guy playing “Prince Player” lights up, “I say there needs to be a huge plot twist! A third guy should get involved and the girl should choose him!” The class erupts in laughter.

I am trying to hold in my laughter, if only they knew how real this screenplay was.

The professor laughs and responds, “I like it!” Then, the guy playing “Prince Player” light’s up again. “Or hey! She should keep the play just as it as and portray the player as her sidepiece!”

Oh lord. The class erupts into laughter.

So does the professor. She really is trying to control her laughter “I mean this is a screenplay! Anything could happen!”

Oh really now Professor? What about in real life :p I’m glad my classmates think my life is funny.

Anyways, so the ending to my week has been great.

Today, as I was walking home from a meeting and my annoying Spinning class, I see “Prince Player” on the other side of the street. Crap. I need to talk to him. He hasn’t communicated with me since…well…since our last interaction. I call out his name. He doesn’t hear me. I try again. He sees me. He says hi, right when I think he’s just gonna walk away- he starts looking to cross the street. Eep! He was actually coming to talk to me? I pray he doesn’t get hit by a car and wait for him to reach my side.

Right when he gets to me, I see a few girls from mine and “Heart’s” community. And my best friend. Shit. Me talking to a guy that’s not “Heart”? Uh oh. That won’t look right. Rumors spread like wildfire in our community. I tell player the situation, he asks me if I want him to leave. No, heck no. I make him stay. We briefly chat and then they reach us.

Two of the girls say hi to me.

“Hi guys!” I respond.

“You look so cute!” one of them says.

I smile. I hope I said “thank you”. But I don’t remember because, well I was flustered by the fact that player was standing in front of me and my best friend didn’t say a word to me and just kept on walking with them! Whatever I have bigger things to worry about.

I turn back to player. “You’re so fake” he says. What the heck… I truly hope I did not come off that way.

“Did you see what just happened? That girl (my bff) didn’t say hi to me!” I say.

He makes a comment and we begin talking.

He says he was on his way to pick up his ticket for the concert our school is having. He asks if I will be at the concert, I say “No I will be out of town”. He asks if I’m going home. I say yes on account of it’s Memorial Day weekend and I need to make it to my parents Memorial Day bash and they will talk to me about us relocating again. Right when he asks if he knows where we will be moving to, I blurt out “Texas”. Oh my. I haven’t even told “Heart”. I’ve barely told anyone! Well that shows how unhappy I am about it….

i don't miss youAnyways, I ask him if he’s alright considering our interaction last time. He says yes. I ask him again. He says yes. I ask him one more time. He says yes. I just don’t believe him.

“I feel like I did something I shouldn’t have” I say.

“No…I feel like I did something I shouldn’t have” he says.

Oh god. Why does he always say the same things I say?

And then. He leaves me. All confused. But I’m laughing as we walk our separate ways. I enjoy our friendship. And miss the good times we had.

xoxo. S.

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