Plot Twist (literally)

“So..let me get this straight. You’re going to change your entire screenplay because Heart dumped you?”

I rest my face in my hands and smile. And I nod.

“You have serious problems” Mr. Photography dude says getting back to his new project.

I shrug and do the same.

My “Intro to Screenwriting” class is my favorite class this quarter. Every week we develop new scenes in the hope of having a final screenplay at the end of the quarter. I had just finished up my whole screenplay a while ago. Side note: If you don’t figure it out sooner or later, this screenplay is obviously real. The characters are myself, “Heart”, and player. It went like this: There is a girl who is in love with a guy, but he always keeps her waiting and never stops reminding her of how forbidden their relationship is.  So one day, she decides to meet one of her former lover’s for coffee when she suddenly slips of a coffee spill and her “fairy-godmother” appears and takes her back in time to when her former lover got with one of her good friends when she needed him the most. Then she is taken into a scene where she is crying and her current lover is beside her, comforting her for hours. So in the end, she leaves the coffee shop- she knows a relationship with her current lover will be difficult, but worth it. There is a flash-forward to them having a family together.


plot twistWell sadly. “Heart” dumped me two days later. And that will never happen. So, PLOT TWIST!

“I can change my screenplay if I want to! My mama always told me that when something unexpected happens- I should yell plot twist and get a move on!” I say to Mr. Photography dude furiously typing out a new plot for my screenplay.

“Okay no. She didn’t mean literally!” he says.

“Doesn’t matter! I’m not writing a play about something that isn’t going to happen!” I say.

So I come back home and I am ready to write my new screenplay about how I decide (or rather my imaginary character decides she will be okay living life as a single woman and doesn’t choose either men at the end). Because hello, “Prince Player” also made it very clear to me this weekend that he only sees me as a friend. When all of a sudden, I get a message from “Heart” on Facebook. He wants to come see me.

Holy. Moly. I text Mr. Photography dude.

“Plot twist!” he texts back.

You could say that again.

xoxo. S.


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