If Tomorrow is Anything Like Today…In empanadas and other musings

“Where have you been? Yalla (hurry up)! You have to be on stage in 10 minutes!”

I give Mr. Photography dude a look. “Where do you think I have been”.

He finally gets it, “OH. You were at that thing for Prince Player! The panel thingy!”

I nod. Unamused. Today, as if it already hasn’t been a crazy day…I went to 8 different stores after class and work to see if I can find a more appropriate costume than the one my dance partner wants me to wear. In the midst of it, I get a text from player. I’m excited. I thought he was checking up on me knowing how crazy things have been. But he was actually asking if I could come to talk to his students about something. I think about it, and say yes on account of I need to talk to him about that very important thing I needed to talk to him about.

hopes too highAfter I agree, he responds telling me to call this other girl and she will get me all set up because he will be in class during that time. FABULOUS. “Okay now is when you cancel and say something came up” Mr. Photography dude told me earlier when I gave the news to him.

I shook my head. “Why not? He’s done it to you a million times!” he says. Well then. Unlike player, I keep my word.

So I went, 5 students showed up, done. I’m finally at my dress rehearsal and Mr. Photography dude is grilling me. “How’d did it go?”

“The girl he likes instead of me was there. It was awkward”.

He looks confused. “Wait what? How do you know it was her?”

“Trust me. I know things” I say getting into my uncomfortable belly dance costume.

“Did you talk to her?” he asked.

“Yes I tried! But she didn’t say anything to me”.

“Well it’s good he wasn’t there…” Mr. Photography dude says.

You can say that again.

“Well at least you got a free empanada right?” he asks laughing.

“It was nasty. I feel sick to my stomach. Grab the trash can” I say.

He laughs. And then gets it. “Wait you’re serious.”

I nod furiously and hurl over the trash can.

“Oh my god. You have to be on stage in 5!” he says. I get myself together and get on with it.

When I get on stage for rehearsal, there is only one thing missing- my partner!!!!

I panic. I tell Mr. Photography dude to stop the cameras and go call her.

She is crying furiously over the phone. Dress rehearsal in front of the executive board is in 2 minutes. She is going on and on about how her boyfriend did this and did that and she just can’t leave her room.

Christ. Does she not get tomorrow is the biggest performance of the year and I have to get our moves perfect because my ex-boyfriend who every girl flirts with will be watching?!?

I’m about to cry. Mr. Photography dude tells me to calm down. I do a solo rehearsal. Very bad.

“Is it sad that after everything that happened today, the only thing I’m upset about is the fact I have to perform in front of ‘Heart’ tomorrow?” I ask him after I finished.

He smiles, “Don’t worry. You will seduce the pants off of him! Tomorrow won’t be anything like today!”

I have been thinking about him nonstop and he has been in my dreams every day. I can only hope.

xoxo. S.


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