Someone Turned Up the Heat: First Week Back At School

jealous1Holy moly. What a week. I am ready to put these past few days to rest.

After my little talk with Mr. Photography dude, I was still nervous about my performance and the girl I am performing with. The girl that’s really pretty and I’m kind of jealous of. I was also a little flustered about my run in with “Prince Player”.

Anyhow, Wednesday as we were practicing, the fire alarm went off!!!! We quickly tore off our costumes and changed into normal clothes (not recommended when the fire alarm goes off) but…well…we didn’t want to go out looking the way we did! When we get outside, we see our friends waiting for us. We are told to move away from the building and once we start walking…who do we see? “HEART”. He’s sitting so carefree and smoking a cigarette on a table. I don’t want to go to him, but since all my friends are, I have no choice. Luckliy, our conversation was cute.

“What’d you do Shahz, you set the fire alarm off?” he asks laughing.

My heart is beating but I fake my nervousness, “Oh yea you know. I was belly dancing and I turned up the heat!”

He laughs. My dance partner introduces herself to him, I try not to pay too much attention to their interaction. But I can’t help it. Anyways, soon we are told we can come back in and my partner and I rush off to practice.

Yesterday morning, the day of my performance, I wake up all nervous. This performance is a fun laid back, 30 girls audience. It’s not as big as the one I have next week where 200 PEOPLE including “Heart” will be watching. But my stomach is still in knots because my partner changed up the dance last minute, and…after we perform, “Heart” will be back from his meeting to do his dance with the guys…

Anyways, just as I’m frantically practicing an hour before the show in my room, I get a text from him! He comes to visit and he says he thought of me after he saw me yesterday. We laugh, we talk, we had minimal time because I had to get to my performance.

“You coming tonight?” I ask. He says he most likely will be. Fabulous.

So. I do my performance. It’s okay, can’t move as fabulously as my partner. Later “Heart” shows up. AND OH MY GOD. He is talking to a lot of people, and a alot of people are talking to him. Mostly girls. He shimmies with one…(very common Arab dance move) but still. It made me so uncomfortable. I would rather see “Prince Player” talk to all these girls than see “Heart” shimmy with another girl. He is an excellent performer and everyone is watching him including…my dance partner. I see her talk to him, I tell myself to stop looking. She even recorded him and put it on her Facebook….

Finally, he leaves. After he leaves, one of my friends brings out a phone and asks if someone lost their phone. Me recognizing the black case jumps and says “Oh my God! That is Heart’s! Give me. I will give it to him!” Once, a few years ago, “Prince Player” left his laptop charger in the library while we were studying with mutual friends and the mutual friend that hooked up with him while he was with me said, “I’ll give it to him”. YEA BIG MISTAKE LETTING HER DO THAT. I was not going to let some other chick do the same thing with “Heart’s” phone!

Just as I am getting excited that I have another excuse to see “Heart” before my next big performance, I hear a guy ask, “Hey! Has anyone seen my phone????” Oh god. I was holding his phone. Shit. Oh god oh god oh god. I made a scene for nothing. My friend says “I knew it was your’s! She was so sure it’s Heart’s!” What. Is. Wrong. With. Me.

So. much. heat!

xoxo. S.

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