First Day Back at School (In Love and Conflicts of Interest)

It’s been a long day of working in my assistant job and practicing for my belly dance performance. After another meeting with my supervisor, I go to get dinner.

I get an e-mail from my doctor about my blood tests that were done over Spring Break, “Thyroid levels are low again”. Before I can whisper “Damnit” under my breath, someone bumps into me.

I do a double take and hope it’s ‘Heart’. But it’s actually “Prince Player”. Oh well, he’s alright too. Except my makeup is smeared, my nails aren’t done, and my hair is so flat. Why do I bump into him in moments like this? I stare at him and blink a few times. I’m very sleepy and stressed about the e-mail from my doctor. He starts spitting out lots of things.

I confess to him that I’m upset at what he did right before we left for Spring Break. I explain to him that loyalty is a big thing to me, and it was mean of him to spill something I shared with him to two people that he hasn’t known as long as me. He says sorry and explains his side of the story. It was believable. So I forgive him.

After we clear out all of this air, I tell him something that has been on my mind for a while. The reason why our friendship keeps fading and getting dramatic has nothing to do with us, but rather everyone around us. Every single time I get mad at him, it’s because of someone else. If these people didn’t exist, we would have been perfectly fine! All of these conflicts of interest. And oh my god, for once, he agrees with me.

He then says something about my life being so dramatic, and how it’s okay because “that’s just me”. Hell yes it’s okay…it’s not easy being a woman with ADHD. Lots of things get my panties in a bunch!

Anyways, my heart belongs with “Heart”. It isn’t my fault “Prince Player” finally changed into a better person when “Heart” came into my life. Still, there are many problems with my relationship with him as well. We are from the same community and I will bump into him at several events our friend is hosting this quarter. In fact, I am performing at both of them! “Prince Player” said “Heart” will bring me flowers and get together with me afterwords… Yea I wish.

There is always some kind of conflict of interest with them both.

xoxo. S.

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