A Very Terrible Week, A Lesson in Loyalty

“He did not” Mr. Photography dude’s jaw is on the floor. I just told him how “Prince Player” put the ending to my already horrible week. I was just starting to be friends with him again.

On Wednesday, I was sleeping. As usual, roomie # 1’s boyfriend decides to come over and I wake up from my nap. I snapchat “Prince Player” and two of my other guy friends saying “Does roomies boyfriend live here or something?” And I go back to sleep. When I wake up I see responses from the two guy friends, but not “Prince Player” (although he opened it). Oh well, he never responds anyway.

So yesterday after practicing for my dance performance, I get home and pass out. I get a snapchat from “Prince Player” as I’m sleeping. It says “Hey! I like your roommates boyfriend!”

What? I’m confused. I remember the snap I sent him yesterday. And then I remember my roommate is in his class and realized he probably told her what I said and then sent that snap to me!!!!

Oh my god. I woke up and started praying that it wasn’t true. I wait for half an hour and my roommate is home. She is happy and asks me what’s up. I ask her if “Prince Player” said something about me….She said yes. I ask her what.

And oh my god. “He said you don’t like Taylor’s voice.”

WHAT. WHEN DID I SAY THAT? That’s not what I said! And he told her??? Does he not understand I have to deal with these people for three more months???

trustedI apologize furiously and tell her I have no control over what I say in my sleep. She seems okay with it, but disappointed. She says I should tell her if I feel that way. And then I feel awful.

She leaves to go meet her boyfriend (probably because Prince Player just told her I don’t like him in our apartment). And I snapchat “Prince Player” about how sad I am and how I thought that would stay between us. Just like everything else has always stayed between US. But does he get it? No. He says he is sorry and he was just “messing” with her. Oh hey, there’s nothing new.

I’m on the floor and crying. My new ADHD treatment cannot tolerate stuff like this, it gives me anxiety. He should know that by now. I tell him I need to talk to him. So I expect him to come over with flowers and chocolate. But does that happen? No. He doesn’t even call me.

Before I start plotting my own death, I text “Heart”. No response. I call Mr. Photography dude and our group of friends. I can barely speak as I am crying.

“I need to see you” I say. They agree. It is a well needed night out and we decide to go to Ghirardelli Chocolate Company ❤ I put on a nice dress and do my my makeup. I feel better already.

And so. Here we are at the beginning of the story. I’m eating my sundae and confirming that yes, “Prince Player” did indeed do what he did.

There’s a word in Arabic for loyalty. “Heart”, Mr. Photography dude, and I all know it very well. The main rule about loyalty is, don’t be a rat. And well. I broke it and “Prince Player” broke it. But here’s the other side of loyalty,

“You would think that since he has known you since freshman year, and her and her boyfriend since sophomore year, he would stand by you” Mr. Photography dude says.

Aha. Bingo. And there’s that rule: the amount of time you have known/been close with someone determines how loyal you should stand by them. The longer you have known them, the more you should have their back!

“AND THAT’S WHAT UPSETS ME! He doesn’t know them like he knows me! We have been through so much together!” I say.

He nod, “And now you guys will get through this together”.

I look at him and shake my head.

“Shahz. Don’t be immature. You broke loyalty too you know. Would you like it if your roommates tell everyone that you drink, have a boyfriend and are introverted? If the first two things got into our community, you’re screwed” Mr. Photography dude says.

I roll my eyes at him, “Hello! I’ve barely known them for 7 months! And no! Obviously not. But they aren’t tight with me anyway, the one without the boyfriend has already told people all that stuff about me. So…I don’t care if they do! I have known Prince Player for almost three years and he knows better….”

He nods. “You’re right.”

We stare at each other. “So what will you do?” he finally asks.

“I can’t trust him anymore” I say sadly. I always liked how our relationship was so drama free, unlike mine and Heart’s. And now look what happened. Our relationship is officially TAINTED. I feel sick to my stomach.

“Are you gonna be okay?” he asks.

I try not to let him see the tears in my eyes and grab my purse, “I have to go. I have work bright and early tomorrow.”

He pulls me back and the tear runs down my cheek. “You’re one of the most loyal and genuine people I know. Don’t let this kill you.”

I smile and kiss him on the cheek. I finally get a response from “Heart”. He said he will come see me today.

So this morning I wake up happy in hopes of finally getting to see my man. Immediately I get the news that I got rejected to the internship I wanted the most. I try not to let it get to me as I have a big day at work and I’ll get to see “Heart” later.

I get home from work, all stressed and tired, and he says he won’t be able to make it. Fabulous.

It’s nice to know where everyone’s loyalty stands these days…

xoxo. S.


3 thoughts on “A Very Terrible Week, A Lesson in Loyalty

  1. I’m sorry it was a rough week, and that Prince Player needs to revise his definition of loyal! At least it’s the weekend now. Hope everything gets a little better!

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