Exhausted, and it’s only Monday!

heart“Are you okay?” I am resting my head on the table and having my weekly Starbucks with Mr. Photography dude.

I shake my head. I am totally suffering from “burn out”.

1.) I was thrown into my new job on campus very quickly.

2.) “Heart” hasn’t talked to me in a while.

3.) My new ADHD treatment makes me sleepy.

4.) My friend refuses to pay me back the money she took from me when she bailed on our concert plans.

5.) Play practice is getting more intense. The director told me I could work on a lot of stuff…

6.) My friend wants me to perform at two events next month…do I really look like I have time? Although if I don’t do it, it will make me look bad because she is very close with “Heart” and might tell him things about me.

7.) I fill out internship applications non-stop.

8.) Oh yea, and finals are here.

My eyes start shutting.

“Oh my god. You need sleep!” he says.

So I come home, try to take a nap- but no it doesn’t happen. I forgot ADHD medications keep you awake :/

And so I lie in bed and think about “Heart”. I pray that he comes to visit. Then I think about other people in my life. Then I think about my past. Then I think about everything bothering me. My heart beats faster and faster. And then I can’t sleep.

Yes, you could say, I’m exhausted.

xoxo. S.

2 thoughts on “Exhausted, and it’s only Monday!

  1. Not cool bro 😦
    At the cost of sounding like some agony aunt, can I suggest you try some meditation.. Mum says it helps her sleeplessness. 😐

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