A Better Week (In Love and the Weather)

Damn his hazel eyes were killing me. I watched him sleep next to me, finally I was in peace.

After crying all of last Saturday and all of Sunday, I was in for a real treat on Monday- “Heart” stopped by ❤ I was sleeping and having a dream about “Prince Player”. My phone rang and I wondered to myself who can be ruining my beauty sleep on a Monday morning?

I saw the name on my phone and was wide awake. Of course…it was the only guy who is allowed to interrupt my beauty sleep ❤ “Heart”. He said he can come see me for a bit.

I rushed to shower and do my makeup. Soon he was at my place, he pulled me into his arms immediately and asked how I was doing. I gave him a few updates on the drama going on lately. He made me laugh and eased my tension. We were exhausted and laid down for a while. As I watched him shut his eyes, there was something I had to tell him. I swallowed the tears in my throat.

“I’m back on my ADHD treatment and it makes me cry all the time”.

He pulled me into his chest without opening his eyes, “Just for no reason?”

“Yea” I whisper. He nods and let’s me hold onto him.

smileSoon he has to leave. Our time was extremely short, but just what I needed ❤ As he starts getting ready to go, I tell him about the play I was casted in and he congratulates me. Word on the street is, he’s in a play too! It’s next week, I was hoping he would invite me to it-but he didn’t. Oh well.

As he left, he grabbed my hand and told me to let him know if I needed anything (acknowledging my ADHD symptoms <3) I watched him walk away, and sat in my bedroom confused. Wasn’t this the guy that broke up with me two months ago? Oy vey. What do I keep getting myself into. 

Of course Mr. Photography dude was all over this news.

“You see! It’s a sign! God doesn’t want you to have anything to do with “Prince Player” so he interrupted your dream about him with a visit from “Heart”!” Mr. Photography dude says. I raise my eyebrows.

Is it? I mean, I did have a dream about “Heart” right before. And I do love him more than player…but I see all these girls flirting with him. I don’t know if they are friends or something else. Because all those ladies “Prince Player” flirted with, were definitely not his friends .

“Not every dude is like player you know!” Me. Photography dude says reading my mind.

True. I think. Whatever it is, this loving start to what I thought would be a stressful week made things a lot better. I was able to tackle my three papers and new job with ease. I pray that mine and his relationship stays this way and nobody tries to take him away from me.

Sometimes when I have a nice week- I get really nervous because the following week is not so great. It’s like “Prince Player” once told me, “I feel like whenever we get together usually it’s nice, but then the next time we spend together is bad. And then it’s nice. And then it’s bad”. He had a point. That explains a lot of things in my life. Haha. I hope next week is as good as this one 🙂

xoxo. S.

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