It Is Very Cold In Chicago (In Love and the Weather)

textingI don’t like texting. I feel like I am always waiting. I get it, people are busy. That’s why after 5 hours of not recieving a response, I get anxiety. And after a day, I’m checking social media to make sure you’re not dead!

If you are my friend, and you don’t text me back for a few hours, you are busy. A day? That means you hate me 😦

If you are a dude, and you don’t text me back for a few hours….

Well that depends who you are.

If you are “Prince Player”, “Sugar”, or “C”- you guys are being the players you are and aren’t interested in me.

Last week, I saw “Prince Player” at a meeting. In Mr. Photography dude’s words…I was not civil. I wanted to strangle him. He wasn’t acknowledging his lack of presence when I needed him the most!

Anyways, if you are “Heart”, you’re probably just busy and will text me back later<3

Here’s when the anxiety begins. You are “Heart”… and haven’t texted me back in one whole day!!!

This is why I don’t like texting people. Last week, “Heart” said I never text him and I can always talk to him when I feel down. Yesterday, as I was leaving home, I decided to try it out. I sent him a text. After waiting three hours, he responds just as my plane is taking off! So I tell him I will text him after I land. And I did, I waited all night. And all of today. No response.

And…he has not come up on any of my social media in the past 24 hours. Is he okay!?

I repeat- this is why I don’t like texting people.

UPDATE 24 hours after the original post:

He is alive because he posted a video and he was tagged in various things. Oh dear…so he really is ignoring my text.

Today I have class, community service, and a casting call for another fashion show. Busy busy day. I decide to grab some coffee. I order my usual, caramel coffee and strawberry donut. For some reason, I have a feeling either “Prince Player” or “Heart” is behind me. I am 99% sure it is “Prince Player”. I take a peek. Oh. My. God.

run awayHoly shit. Not now. It is less than 10 degrees, my hair is flying everywhere, and I’m sure half of it is stuck to my lip gloss. Well hell, it’s now or never. I toss my hair and go on over to confront him. I’m pretty sure I’m either grabbing him or too close to him. I don’t know if it’s because I was cold or needed him to stay so I can tell him everything I wanted to say.

“The reason why I was sick at the meeting was because I took my meds that day!” Wait what. Why did I blurt that out?

He seemed understanding. He says he didn’t text back because he was “distracted”. Hmmm well there’s something we have in common. I wonder to myself if “Heart” also didn’t text back because he was also “distracted”. I snap back to reality when “Prince Player” makes a comment about the cold weather and grabs my hand.

He compliments me on my mittens with pink bows and says not a lot of people know I’m obsessed with the color pink like he does. I smirk. Literally, about 4 other people complimented me on my pink weather gear today haha. Anyways…

I swallow. “What else do you know about me?”

“I know that you don’t have a boyfriend right now…” he says.

I suck in my cheeks. He does have a point. Kind of. The hickeys I got from “Heart” last week all of a sudden doesn’t mean anything anymore.

I think I got about half of what I needed to say to him when I realized I still hadn’t received my coffee. “Prince Player” orders his coffee and I tell the cashier about my coffee. “Prince Player” gets his coffee before I do. Prick. He quickly says “Bye!” and runs on off. Sudddenly, it is very cold again. My warmth is gone. My eyes widen and I pinch myself. Warmth is not a metaphor for “Prince Player!” Soon, the cashier apologizes and hands me my coffee. He upgraded it to a large since I waited so long. But God knows I don’t need all that caffeine…

Yes, you could say, things are quite cold in Chicago.

xoxo. S.


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