“Heart” is back, but not really! And other Mercury retrograde musings….

“Oh my god!” Mr. Photography dude says. We are sitting at Starbucks and having a coffee before class.

I know what he is referring to and I try to cover it up.

“A HICKEY! SHAHZI YOU HAVE A HICKEY!” I think he is happier than I am.

All the people who made fun of me and bet that there is a better chance of “Prince Player” talking to me before “Heart” crawled back into my life totally lost their money. Serves them right :p

“I can explain everything” I say.

He is just too happy for me, he continues staring at my neck, “It looks like a cat scratched you, you two are wild” he says shaking his head. I smack him.

“Didn’t I tell you that ‘Heart’ will come back? The reason why God didn’t bring ‘Prince Player’ to you that one night was because he was saving your heart for ‘Heart!'” damn Mr. Photography dude was right.

“It’s not as good as you’re making it seem” I say. I explain to him everything that happened. “See, yesterday was an amazing day. I found out I got a job, and right after I texted my mom to let her know, I get a text and I think it’s her. But it’s actually ‘Heart’! He was checking up on me. As we talked, I told him I was miserable and he told me he hasn’t been so well either so… we decided to get together. And that’s all it was. He called it ‘a midterms stress reliever’. So really, I’m no better than some girl he could call for a hook up”.

Mr. Photography dude looks disgusted, “Don’t talk like that”.

I take a huge sip of my latte, “It’s true! He even told me so! He said not ‘to get my hopes up’. Mercury retrograde is all about confusion and mixed signals. When he texted, I thought we were back together but….no I’m just a-”

“Midterms stress reliever” Mr. Photography dude finishes for me.

I nod my head sadly. “I still don’t like you talking about yourself like that” he says.

True. Although he came back, and I am somewhat relieved and have an idea of us, I am just so confused. I think I have gone crazy for him. I know this confusion will clear up tomorrow (THAT IS WHEN MERCURY RETROGRADE ENDS!) 🙂

Really, I’m no psycho. I have seen it affecting everyone!

Sunday, I was in the library writing a midterm paper when the girl next to me opened a box of cheez its and they went flying everywhere! She looked at me and I looked at her. We both started laughing and I rushed to help here clean up the mess. She told me that I really don’t have to and I said “It sucks when you lose all your cheez its and proceeded to help her anyway. She thanked me and said it’s just been a really bad day, and I said “Hun, it’s been a really bad month in general for me. No problem”. I helped her pick up every single bit and she said I was sweet and thanked me even more 🙂

Then yesterday, before the whole ‘Heart’ business, I get an e-mail from my professor saying I missed my 9 am meeting with him. What? I do not wake up at 9 am on Mondays. I told him that I am pretty sure we had agreed to meet at noon and I apologize if I misunderstood. So professor checked, and yes indeed I was correct, he had just put the wrong time on his calendar.

And so as I’m trying to go back to sleep, I get a text from one of my classmates asking where everyone is. Our class is at 1:00…. With all these time issues, I wondered if I missed daylight savings time or something. But she quickly texted back saying she has made a mistake and will see me in an hour.

As I try to go back to sleep, I get the e-mail about the job and receive that text from “Heart”. After class, he showed up way earlier than I expected and I rushed to get ready. This decreased that already short time we had to spend together.

And then, after he left, I got another job offer! And sadly, my dad told me to decline one job offer because he doesn’t want me working two jobs 😦 So I had to write a long letter to this wonderful woman who hired me and I felt bad.

Yikes! Mercury retrograde seems to be getting everyone’s panties in a bunch! Please help each other during this time and be sensitive to everyone 🙂

xoxo. S.


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