If you’re gonna flirt with me because of my race, take a seat

mindy kalingFor those of my readers who don’t know, I come from a huge Middle Eastern and Indian family. The majority of my family is Indian so I do look more Indian than Arab. But I personally identify more with my Arab roots. And I am proud of both my exotic cultures.

Yesterday when I went shopping with my one of my best friend’s (because of our wonderful snow day), a scene way too familiar happened on the train.

“Y’all Indian?” a guy asked us this the second we got on.

I looked at my best friend, she’s Pakistani. And way more bold than me. I give her a look and we both ignore the comment talking about all of the stuff we’re going to buy. The guy looks at his one of his friend’s and laughs loudly. Whatever.

This kind of stuff happens all the time. Several times, a guy will ask me my name, and they say “Ooooooo Indian huh?” Actually it’s Arabic, so stop flirting and take a seat. Find something besides my race to flirt with me about.

I looked on the Internet for some guidance to deal with things like this. And sadly, I stumbled upon many articles called “Reasons Not to Date Indian Girls”. What. The. Crap!?

I’m gonna comment on a few.

1.) “They’re unattractive”

Get out of here. Have you ever heard of Katrina Kaif? Shraddha Kapoor? And wasn’t last year’s Miss America Indian?

Take a look at this list: http://www.buzzfeed.com/andreborges/stunningly-beautiful

2.) “They’re prudish”

Me? Prude? Don’t think so. Ask my last boyfriend. I think I was too much for him :0

Side note: In general, all girls of any race can be modest (not prude) if they want to be. It’s called morals.

3.) “They loathe their race and want to be white”

I don’t wish to be white, but I do love being American. Some areas of India, especially the one I was born into was poverty stricken. It was a hard lifestyle and I’m glad I’m living here today!

4.) “They are feminists”

I don’t identify myself as a feminist, but I admire the women who are! Yes, when young girls my cousin’s age are getting raped, it makes me sad. When my cousin has to get married at 18 and I get to go to college, it makes me sad.

5.) “They are mental”

Yup I’m mental. I admit it. But not because I’m Indian.

So if you’re flirting with me because I am Indian, or NOT flirting with me because I am Indian, take a seat.

If you don’t like Indian girls, fine. If you do, find something else to comment on. We have beautiful hair, eyes, and other assets. If we like you, then you can start commenting on our Indian beauty- that’s cute. I always called my ex-boyfriend “my sexy Arab man” and he always called me his “hot Indian princess ” 😉 But you better believe he didn’t call me that the night we met!

xoxo. S.


4 thoughts on “If you’re gonna flirt with me because of my race, take a seat

  1. Uuuurgh yes I relate to this post haha, but omg the people who think they can generalise about ethnicities with THOSE being their reasons, clearly have no intelligible depth at all. The best we can do is stay true to the complexity of who we are as people, but it is so unfortunate when people act on their limited ideas like that. Some guys have made me feel like an object that appeals to some weird racial fetish :/

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you Keri! I was very skeptical about posting this, but your comment made me so happy and I’m glad I did 🙂 There was so much truth to everything you said, thank you for stopping by!

  2. Love this soooo much. I am a teacher in NYC and one of my favorite things about my kids is how little they care about race. We have representation from dozens of countries but they all have middle school crushes on each other regardless…It makes me so happy to see all the little open-minded middle school couples out there.

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