I fell for him…literally!

FullSizeRender(8)“When I fall, I fall hard.”

That was “Heart” expressing his love for me a while ago.

Well hell, he sure didn’t fall as hard as I did. Yesterday, I went to get this ankle checked out. You probably read in Distracted, Part 2 that I took quite a fall on the stairs as I was distracted by “Heart” announcing he was in Vegas on social media. I thought I was fine, and shrugged it off because it was completely my fault. But yesterday when I woke up, it hurt like crazy! And my parents were not happy about it.

So I went to the doctor. It’s a sprain. Go figure. She put whatever this thing is called on me and I was on my way.

I cannot believe I literally fell for “Heart”….

On the bright side, today we got a snow day 🙂 Best news I have gotten since I got back here. It’s a blizzard here in Chicago….but let’s just say things are way colder between me and “Heart”!

January is always a pain in my rear. I hope this month is better. Happy February 🙂

xoxo. S.


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