Distracted, Part 2

every girl“HEART IS IN VEGAS!” I’m at Starbucks getting my morning coffee and Mr. Photography dude is there too (I didn’t expect to see him but since he’s there I decide I will tell him). I woke up this morning finally having the courage to text “Heart” but saw that he checked into Las Vegas when I logged on to Facebook. Thank goodness I didn’t send that text.

“What? Calm down. You were just in Vegas too you know….” Mr. Photography dude says.

“Uh yea. With my parents! For my birthday!”

“Why is he there?”

“It’s his friends birthday. He and his three best friends are there for the weekend celebrating. How does he not have time to spend with me or the money to spend on me….but have all the time and money to go to Vegas?!?” I say

He shrugs, “Let the man have a little fun.”

My eyes grow big. “Do you know what happens when four 20 year old guys go to Vegas? Have you seen ‘The Hangover’???”

He laughs. “Oh yea.”

“You’re not helping” I say.

“Maybe he finally got a weekend off of work and he has been saving up to go. You did tell me that it was one of his dreams to visit right? And that you felt bad going there over winter break because of that? Well now his dream is coming true, be happy.”

I’m still sad. “What if he meets someone?”

He puts his coffee down, “Did you meet someone when you were there?”

“No” I say.

“There ya go. And even if he does, it won’t mean anything.The fun you have in Vegas is temporary” he says.

True. “I should have fun this weekend too.”

He laughs, “You should text player”.

I smile.

He looks at me again, “Holy shit. You already did didn’t you?!?”

No. I was thinking about it. But he probably already has a wait list of girls for the weekend. So I decided against it. I wonder if we’ll hang out like he has said we would last week…

And so I had to get to class and I quickly said bye to him.

As I was walking down the stairs after class, I get an email saying that I’m not eligible for the Master’s program I wanted to do here because my GPA was .28 away from the requirement. Focusing so much on the e-mail and “Heart”, I STUMBLE DOWN THE STAIRS. My ankle hurts really bad 😦

I text Mr. Photography dude. He texts back saying I have issues and that I need to stop getting distracted by men lol…

I hope this day or…heck this quarter, gets better.

xoxo. S.


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