A very crazy week: In salespeople, internships, and boys….

I feel very bad for salespeople, that is one job I don’t think I can do. Today I have yet another interview and I woke up this morning without any motivation or energy (life without ADHD meds). So I walk on over to Dunkin Donuts, to get a quick coffee. On the way I am stopped by a group asking if I have 30 seconds. They were saying they’re inviting 15 beautiful girls to try out their services at Aveda. It’s 30 degress outside, giving them the benefit of the doubt, I decide to stop and listen. 3 minutes later, they tell me I can get a trial of all of their wonderful services for the “small price of $60”. I said no thank you. They wanted to know what was holding me back….

Uh let me tell you:

1.) Haircut thanks to coupons the college gives us is $5.99

2.) Buying Garnier Fructics Hair Dye to dye my hair every year is $8.00

3.) Getting my eyebrows done by my personal eye-brow threader Aziz in Denver every time I go home is just $7

4.) I’ve gotta get to class in 15!!! And I have an interview!!! Step aside sister.

Yea. So. I quickly said I can’t, good luck, wished her the best and ended up taking the long way back to class because I didn’t want to run into them again!

Anyways what else is new? Well every winter, I up my workout schedule more. Mercury retrograde, the weather, and lots of other things drive me nuts in the winter. I figure working out will help cool me down a little. So those of who you who are a fan of Mr. Photography dude should be very happy, he’s my running buddy and boy did we had an interesting conversation today.

The other night I stayed up until 5 working on an application due today. Yesterday morning when I woke up, I got an e-mail saying I was rejected for yet another internship. As I was getting off the train and coming back from another interview, I bump into “Prince Player”. He said he had just been talking to my roommates….eep! And then he walked away, so I said bye. And I rushed off to my running session with Mr. Photography dude.

“Hey. Sorry I’m late” I say hopping onto the treadmill next to him.

“You look upset” he says.

“I bumped into everyone’s favorite guy” I said winking.

“Player? Please tell me you were civil” he says as usual.

“He said, that he had just spoke to my roommates” I say giving him a look.

“Uh oh. Please tell me you told him ‘Oh good! I love being the center of attention!'” he says mocking our previous conversation.

I laugh, “No” I say.

“Did you ask him what they said?” he asks.

“No. Why would I do that? It’ll make me paranoid!”

He rolls his eyes, “Sad beauty. Don’t. You have bigger things to worry about.”

I sigh. “You’re right it probably had minimal to do with me.”

“Exactly.How’s the Heart situation?” he says.

dr. suess“I miss him so much. I’m weird, he’s weird. We both get each other’s weirdness. Oh, I had a dream I texted him and he responded” I say.

He laughs, “You should make your dream a reality!”

I shake my head. Too painful.

“Did your parents find a house?” he asks.

“Yes thank god, they move in Thursday” I say. Thank god indeed, I’m not exited for a new move but the lease for my old house is up and my family needs a place to stay!

“Good. At least that worked out” he says.

“I got rejected for the internship I wanted” I say sadly.

“Their loss. You’ll find something better” he says reassuring me.

“Do you think I’m high maintenance?” I ask.

“Oh yea. Big time” he says.

I smack him. “Ow! Shahz!”

“The other day. My guy friend said he doesn’t know why Prince Player and Heart would want to be with me because I am ‘high maintenance’ ”

“Shahz. Get some fucking new friends. Jeez” he says.

I laugh.

“Quite honestly, I mean high maintenance as you always look nice and know what you want. It’s a compliment. But that jerk seems like he meant it a mean way” he says.

“He did” I say pursing my lips.

“Don’t worry. He’s just jealous that you didn’t blindfold him and give him a belly dance for his birthday” he says winking.

I push stop on my tredmill. “What? Shhhh! How do you know about that?”

“Uh on your 21st birthday…when you were very drunk you said you are sad because you and ‘Heart’ can’t celebrate your guy’s birthdays together like you did last year”.

Oh lord have mercy on my soul.

I cover my face “OH MY GOD!!!!!” I say.

“Don’t be ashamed, belly dancing is a huge thing in our culture” he says winking.

I smack him again, “Shut up” I say unable to contain my laughter.

“Gotta love high maintenance girls” he says laughing.

“Peace” I say sticking my tongue out at him and ending my work out.

“I’m sure ‘Heart’ misses your performances as much as you enjoy giving them!” he yells.

Oh dear god help me during this Mercury retrograde.

xoxo. S.


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