The Interview: Enough is Enough, On Trust and Moving Forward

Mr. Photography dude and I have resumed “The Interview” now that my ADHD relapse symptoms are somewhat better. Today was supposed to be part 4, we were going to talk about living with ADHD but after reading what I published on Friday, he wanted to learn how I deal with the “haters”. Also, it relates to today’s daily post topic, “Enough is Enough”.

Luckily, I’m in a crazy, happy, wacky mood since I am off the ADHD treatment and I’m back to being hyperactive me.

I really felt like I was on a talk show.

“So Sad Beauty. You seem to have lots of people talking about you….” Mr. Photography dude says.

“Well good. I LOVE being the center of attention” I say winking.

“Oh she’s good” Mr. Photography dude tells Mr. Sidekick.

I purse my lips and say so thug like “My haters are my motivators.”

And now they are really laughing.

“Do I look like I give two shits what other people say about me? Mm mm no sweetie” *snap snap snap*, I continue.

I swear Mr. Photography dude is crying with laughter.

So I decide to get serious,”Everyone that has ever became my friend, left. Seriously. And it’s not my girlfriends, they at least come back. It’s guy friends too. They either use me for pleasure, or use me as a gateway to get to something. This one guy was interested in me, and I wasn’t interested back. Next thing you know he comes along with me to this dinner I was having with a girlfriend and he totally starts flirting with her! Later that night he practically invited himself to our next dinner and wouldn’t stop texting me asking ‘Did Gabby say anything about me? Does she have a boyfriend?’ Thankfully, she does have a boyfriend and wasn’t interested in him at all. But still. He couldn’t get me, so he used me to try to get her.”

Mr. Photography dude and Mr. Sidekick sit in shock.

behindI sigh and take a sip of water, “Can’t trust anyone these days.”

I continue, ” The other day, as I was doing my makeup I overheard my roommate tell another one of my friends about how I stay in my room with the door shut if I’m home. Wanna know what I did? I came out and said ‘If you ever need something, just knock’ And she sat their in shock. She didn’t know I was listening. As if I wouldn’t listen to what she’s telling my own friends about me! And don’t even get me started on the people who say things like I got a nose job…”

Since I already have them, I continue with my monologue.

“You know what’s funny about backstabbers? They’ll stab you. And then they’ll come back and ask you why you’re bleeding.”

And then we all sit quietly.

Mr. Photography dude smiles and looks at Mr. Sidekick. Ooooo I know that smile, that smile means “She said something damn good and we’re gonna use it as a tagline for her portfolio”.

I continue and end with the truth, “Honestly it’s not what they say that hurts me. It’s the fact that I trusted them and they still chose to hurt me that bothers me. This is why I don’t open up to them and keep my doors shut in the first place!”

When he sees my sadness, Mr. Photography dude tells me the nicest thing ever.

“Don’t worry Sad Beauty. Because those people who go behind you’re back, that’s where they belong! Behind you” he says. Aw 🙂

Stay tuned for the next part in “The Interview” series! I promise it will be just as inspirational ❤

xoxo. S.


5 thoughts on “The Interview: Enough is Enough, On Trust and Moving Forward

  1. That felt close to my heart. When you said “You know what’s funny about backstabbers? They’ll stab you. And then they’ll come back and ask you why you’re bleeding,” my heart fluttered in understanding. Keep all users to your back, like your photography friend told you.

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