A very crazy week so far… how I almost lost my designer purse because I was distracted

I must take a pause from my “The Interview” series to update you guys (which by the way I must say is getting many reviews!) Thank you so much readers- I don’t know why you guys like it so much but my ratings have SKYROCKETED this week. I can’t wait to tell Mr. Photography dude 🙂

So anyways. I almost made a terrible mistake this weekend! These kinds of things only happen during Mercury retrograde…and it’s not even Mercury retrograde yet! I’m sure from my last two posts you learned that I had a nice weekend being interviewed by Mr. Photography dude and was a little flustered over the fact that I had bumped into Prince Player Friday night. Anyways on Sunday morning, I was going to go work out and I reached to grab my Coach purse from the hook it usually sits on when…I looked and realized I was just touching a blank wall.

My heart started racing. WHERE WAS MY COACH PURSE THAT MY MAMA BOUGHT ME FOR MY 20TH BIRTHDAY?!? I’m not a spoiled brat or anything, that was the first designer purse my parents ever bought me. I started ransacking my room tossing everything all over the place. No luck. I started hyperventilating and asked myself where I last had it. So I thought to myself, the last time I had gone out was with Mr. Photography dude the day before- but I had taken my GUESS purse with me. So I thought to myself again, the last time I had it with me was…when I was eating ice cream with Jim in the student center and had bumped into Prince Player!!! Holy moly I realized. My purse has been missing since Friday!

I quickly got in panic mode and called campus safety because they usually have lost items. I was very calm until the nice security lady asked me if I checked my credit card statements. And then I realized, I don’t keep my credit cards in that purse… I only keep one very important thing in there….”No the only thing that’s in there is my Social Security Card!” I cried. And then I could feel the security lady’s panic “Oh my goodness. You might want to file a report”. When she said that for some odd reason I just said “Let me go check the student center first”.

And so I walk to the front deck all red eyed and tell the bratty desk attendent “Hi. Um I think I lost my purse here.” First she asked for my name. And then she asked me when I lost it. I said Friday night. Still sitting in disbelief, she asked me what it looked like. I said it was a brown Coach purse with C’s all over it. AND THEN, she wants to know what was in it. Before I started crying, I took a deep breath and said “$60 and my Social Security Card”. I’m sure I had a tampon and other things in there too but she didn’t need to know that. Finally, she smiled- “Okay it’s yours. We have it here.” I sighed a gigantic sigh of relief and she paged a security guard to bring it. I wanted to hug the guy when I saw him with it. I hugged it to my chest when I got it (and I swear I would have kissed it if no one was looking). I muttered a thousand thank you’s and went to Starbucks. I’m beaming and almost crying tears of joy.

I’m ordering my coffee and someone behind me says “Shahzzzzz!”. It’s Mr. Photography dude, I practically flung myself into his arms and greeted him hello.

“Whoa, you’re in a good mood” he said. I shake my head, “You’re not gonna believe what just happened!”

I tell him and he shakes his head in disbelief, “Why the fuck would you carry your social security number in your purse? Memorize it!”

I laugh. He asks me how I could almost lose my Coach purse that I keep glued to my body at all times. I give him a half smile and I’m about to tell him when the genius figures it out himself….

“HOLY SHIT. You were distracted weren’t you?” he says.

I try to play it dumb. “Distracted? Distracted by what?”

He grabs his coffee, “Um what? I think you mean who darling.”

I raise my eyebrows and still keep playing dumb. “Prince Player, Shahz! Prince Player!” he says.

Great he completely figured it out. I gasp, “No way sweetie. No way.”

“Um yea Sad Beauty. Didn’t you tell me once how you saw Heart in the Student Center and you lost your phone there because you were so distracted by his presence?”

Oh yea I did. I shrug, and then I can’t stop laughing. “Shut up okay?” I say.

Mr. Photography dude shakes his head and laughs, “No you better stop habibti, not all of your shit that you lose because you keep getting distracted will always come back to you”.

I roll my eyes at him, “Well neither will the men in my life! They won’t come back either!”

He shakes his head and smiles “You and your analogies. How are they doing?”

I shrug and pour cream into my coffee, “Well it seems. Neither are talking to me as usual.”

He leans over, “Look at me Sad Beauty”.

I do. “Give it time” he says. “If it’s meant to be, he’ll come back”.

Ah. So he’s talking about Heart. I’m glad he’s on Heart’s side. We shall see.

im a hot smart womenIt’s a very important year and I shouldn’t keep getting distracted…. This week I got some more news that through off my plans, I’m ineligible for the combined Bachelor’s/Master’s program that I was planning to do here 😦 What will my future look like now? Classes are challenging, the roomie’s boyfriend is here ALL THE TIME (he slept over and ate my mango ice cream last night :0 ), oh and did I mention my love for Heart? Right. Whatever it is, I won’t quit 😉 I hope all this madness cools down and my readers are having a nice week 🙂

xoxo. S.


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